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Sallie Snyder
Great Service
Best Mechanic shop I've been to in a long time. They have the best service, friendly and professional and knowledgeable staff. Everything they work on my car it runs better then new!! Thank you for all you guys do!!
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3 year or 36,000 mile guarantee on the work
I really like this place. My mom brought her vehicles here when I was younger, so when I moved back to COS and needed a mechanic, it was the first place I thought of. They are very unfront and make the effort to make sure you 100% understand what they are talking about before you commit to anything. Kelli took me to the garage to see my vehicle so that she could show me exactly what the issue was. The problem ended up being bigger than they originally thought/quoted me for, but they called me and waited for my confirmation before ordering parts. I wasn't surprised when I got the bill, and that was very nice. They are ASE Certified and gave me a 3 year or 36,000 mile guarantee on the work that they did. By the way, their lobby and bathrooms are so clean! :)
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Kasey B.
staff is amazing
The mechanics at Master Tech are knowledgeable, honest, and priced very fair. My jeep needed extensive mechanical work and was complete within 24 hours. The staff is amazingly professional and respectful. I will definitely keep bringing my car back!
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Erin C.
great and trustworthy
I'm visiting from out-of-town and needed my SUV checked out and some worked performed. The shop was great and trustworthy, I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good shop.
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Candice G.
We took out car into another big-name auto shop to get it checked out...they quoted us over $400 in supposed repairs. It sounded shady to us, so we checked out this place because of the great reviews we read on Yelp. AMAZING!!!! They took care of us right away, checked out the car for free, and it turns out that everything was fine. In fact we didn't need to get that work done at all! Larry was one of the nicest, most honest mechanics that we've ever met. We recommend this place to anyone looking for an auto shop that's trustworthy. Check them out before you go with a big name!
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Jim D.
top of the line
I took my car in because of a leak. After they'd assessed the car, they told me it wasn't worth my time to get it fixed- my car's frame was so rusted out that it would have been pointless, a fact that I was totally oblivious to. They explained to me why it had come to be this way (salt on the roads in NY, where the car and I are from), how to avoid it with future vehicles, and where to go from here, knowing what I do about my car's nearing mortality. As well, they topped off all my fluids. The price? Nothing. The service and communication I experienced at Master Tech were top of the line, and I'm grateful for it.
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Joal M.
Would definitely recommend.
OUTSTANDING! These guys corrected a failed alignment I received from another shop. This wasn't a typical alignment, as it involved adjusting my UCAs along with the factory adjustments. It took a large chunk of the afternoon, but they pressed until the numbers were where I wanted them...and they simply charged me for a truck alignment. Would definitely recommend.
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Adira Z.
great mechanic shop!
I have taken my car here twice now and feel like Master Tech is a great mechanic shop! The guys who work here are very good at explaining what is going on with your car in a way that anyone will understand (even people who know nothing about cars, like me). When they find things that need to be fixed, they let you know about the problem, what it will take to fix it, and in how long it should be taken care of. They aren't pushy but want you to know what's going on with your car. I will continue to bring my car here!
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Faith C.
I was so happy
As someone who fears car troubles for having to deal with yet another con artist auto mechanic shop, I was so happy (thank you yelp!) to find this place. They are the real deal. They know what they're doing, quote honestly, fairly and specifically, and they educate you too. We checked 5 places and they had the best price and actually did more than we had price quoted for. They walked us through what the issue was, gave balanced advice and even took pictures of the broken part so we could see what it looked like when they opened it up. I think finding an honest, skilled car mechanic is a major stress reliever. If I ever have a car need, I finally know where to go.
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Matt C.
full endorsement!
AWESOME HONEST MECHANIC! Blessed to have found this place. They are thorough, friendly, affordable and truly seem to care about their clients. I stopped in on my roommates recommendation and couldn't be happier. I give this place my full endorsement!
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