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Water Pros is your NEW home for the Kinetico K5 drinking water System! A consumer digest best buy for over 10 years! The Kinetico K5 is state of the art drinking water system! Standard 3 stage filtration, the Kinetico K5 has the ability to adjust to 5 stage water filtration. When you are thinking about purified water, the Kinetico K5 drinking water system is the Reverse Osmosis that can deliver the desired drinking water your family deserves! 

What's In Your Water? Where Does Your Water Come From?


Now more than ever we need to consider where our water comes from.  Ground Water, Rivers, Lakes, Rain Water Runoff. 


City Water coming out of the tap; your water is disenfected with Chloramine. (Chlorine mixed with Ammonia) What is Flushed down the toilet or poured down the drain ends up in Your water supply!

We Fix Problem Water.  If You Have Hard Water, Water Spots, Stains, Soap Scum, Dry Skin, Call Us Today For A Free Water Test.


  • Whole House Water Filtration, Whole House Water Conditioning, Water Softeners, Water Purification, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems, Whole House Filters.


We Offer the Right Solution To Help Eliminate Rust Stains, Water Odors And General Well Water Problems.

Our Water Quality is unique to Colorado. You need a company the caters its systems to Colorado water.

  • We offer the BEST in water filtration equipment specifically for Colorado
  • Quality made in the USA
  • NON Electric Water Softeners ( KINETICO) Provides Soft Water 24/7/365. Guaranteed to Remove Hard Water and Iron while saving on Water Usage with Very Low Maintenance !
  • Save Money With The Kinetico Whole House Water Softener System. Up to $1000 cheaper than our Competition!
  • Water Pros Smart Computer Single Tank Water Softeners are the Leader in Electric Water Softener Technology!
  • Save an average of $3000 to $5000 compared to some our competitors out there!
  • Why pay more for water softeners with phone apps? You do not need Free Gifts to help pay for our state of the art technology!


If You Have Questions? We Have Answers!





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