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We are SWAT, SOG, Protection Operators, certified by COLORADO POST (Peace Officer Standards of Training), USMS, Active Shooter Response, Critical Incident Response Team, and NRA Instructors with 30 years experience in Law Enforcement.


CONCEALED HANDGUN PERMIT (CHP) ONLINE: This section is a course preview. Upon receipt of payment you will be emailed documents to review prior to the actual classroom: Colorado Use of Force laws, concealed carry laws & regulations, situational awareness, mindset, methods of carry and comprehensive review of handgun safety and concealed carry law and use of deadly force. Concealed carry techniques and tactics, pistol, holster, and gear selection, and responsibilities of firearms carry and owners. This will be reviewed in the classroom.

SAFETY/BASIC PISTOL/CHP: The Safety/Basic Pistol class will be a four-hour actual classroom with 2 hours target/self-defense scenario shooting. (Computer generated on life size screen) This class will include instruction on common firearms platforms and safe handling techniques. Safety rules, handling, maintenance, storage, and manipulation of pistols; including: Safe loading, unloading, operation of safeties & controls, malfunction clearance, and emergency & tactical reloading. And how to safely draw and holster.

COMPUTER SIMULATION JUDGMENTAL DRILLS We use a life size video simulation of real life scenarios with an actual handgun fitted with pneumatic s and a laser. The handgun operates and recoils the same as using live ammo. the Skill Drills includes various training drills that focus on the improvement of timing, accuracy, trigger control and muzzle awareness, and decision-making skills when deploying your self-defense handgun. Your development is by Law enforcement instructors, these exercises are designed to improve target acquisition, speed, accuracy, and judgement skills. Each drill allows an instructor to tailor every training session to individual skill levels from beginner to expert using adjustable settings such as number of targets, target face time, and target speed Scenario Drills This training will hone your situational awareness and judgmental decision making with real life scenarios. This helps you to prepare for a life-threatening event before it happens to lessen tunnel vision and/or paralysis.Once familiar with this training you can return for additional training and allows you to practice without the expensive cost of live ammo and range fees.

LIVE FIRE RANGE: This will be an actual practical shoot employing the techniques you will learn in class.Live fire Range will be at Silver Bullet Range 5901 W 38th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80212
If you are a new shooter, don't worry, we will get you there. Have fun!



5885 Allison St
# 691
Arvada, Colorado 80001
United States

Located just off Ralston Rd and Allison Street Arvada, CO

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  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge
  • Expertise in:
  • Concealed carry
  • Safe handling
  • Storing
  • Transporting and use of firearms
  • NRA & LE Instructor


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9 Reviews
Wayne Wright
Wheat Ridge, CO
Good group of instructors

I couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a pistol until I met JD and team for some practice at Silver Bullet in Wheat Ridge. I was anticipating the shot and flinching before the shot and Rance put some snap caps in my magazine which was a great lesson. Soon was bunching my shots up nicely. I later learned some tactical drills at an outdoor range with WD near Idaho Springs with my daughter. The training I received has really helped me build confidence and improve my safety skills. I still hear WD as a drill Sargent yelling in my ear “front site, front site” and “nothing matters but God, you, and the front site.” You’ll definitely learn something from these guys !

September 2019

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Exciting and changing

Excellent classes, fun and informative. I feel prepared to handle my firearm. I am confident that I am trained to deal with different situations. Thank you, KB

July 2019

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Wayne Nelson
Gun Show

Again , I politely asked this lady to not pull customers off my table. They were dancing and yelling right in front of my table. When I politely asked she began yelling at me that they didn't have to stop and I should shut up. I did raise my voice as it was noisy in there. John who left the previous comment did not see their behavior prior to this. Security had to approach them several times about their inappropriate behavior. Several Vendors complained about them. While taking with customers at my table these gals would come out to the aisle close to my table and start whooping and wiggling to draw my customers away, And I could not here my customers because they yelling. It was their antics that was inappropriate, not me politely asking them to not interfere with my customers.

July 2019

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9 Reviews



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