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It’s landscaping & fencing season so we suspect this scumbag will be out in full force.  He is Jaime Edward Bock – exposed on my radio show!  Jamie is running a fencing and landscaping scam and you need to be aware of him.  Spread the word!


Residents at The Greens at Van de Water say Jaime Edward Bock claimed to be the owner of J&J Fencing .  HE IS NOT.  That company is legit and have nothing to do with him!

Victims say he took more than $11,000 from the complex and did not perform any of the work.  John, a spokesperson for The Greens hired a private investigator to hunt down this scumbag. Fake Scam Fraud According to the investigative report he previously resided in Windsor, Colorado until he skipped out owing $8,000 to a landlord in damages and back rent.  The con-man now lives in Fort Collins.  If you come across his name on Craig’s List or anywhere else, avoid him!  Help us get the word out – it is the only defense we have.  Law enforcement seldom does anything against these liars, cheats and scumbags.

TIP:  Avoid these scams.  There is never a reason to pay money up front – NEVER! Pay only when materials are delivered or work has begun and do not pay for more than was received in value.

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