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A Affordable
Transmission Centers

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Transmissions, Transfer cases, Clutches and Differentials. We will do what it takes to earn your business!! An  Expert Level Specialist, aimed to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, while delivering quality transmission repair services, at reasonable prices. We always Inspect the vehicle at no charge. Written estimates and up front pricing are provided before any work is performed. No hassle or obligation if repairs are not performed. A Affordable Transmission Centers will do what it takes to earn your business.
At A Affordable Transmission Centers our team of professionals have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and repair all of your transmission needs with no surprises or hidden costs. We take pride in our work and back it up with a choice of transmission repair warranties to give you the peace of mind you want when repairing a car or truck transmission.





    A Affordable Transmission Centers
By Jerome Sturmer

Tom Martino: Wanted you to tell everyone who needs transmission work that A-AFFORDABLE TRANSMISSION CENTER (3485 S. Zuni St., Denver---720-309-7426 or 303-761-3333) is the best we've ever encountered. Randal checked out our truck FOR FREE a yr ago. When our transmission went out last wk., he towed it FOR FREE, then after checking out the problem, gave us 3 price ranges to pick from (90 day warranty, 1 yr warranty, 2 yr warranty). After it was done, he told us in precise detail what he had fixed. We called & were towed on a Monday & Wednesday we picked it up after he'd test-driven it twice. We found his prices fair & found Randal honest. We give him a 5 star rating. Jerome & Dianne Sturmer

    Transparency and Choices
By Michael Cox

My experience with AAffordable Transmission Centers was efficient and painless. The problem was explained in terms I could understand, safety concerns were addressed first (my clients spend significant time in my car), failed parts were shown to me, my replacement choices were presented without a hard sell approach, the detailed invoice was explained, my car was done on time, and I was Thanked For Choosing AAffordable Transmission Centers. Bottom line, they did what they said they were going to do and earned my respect in the process. Thanks guys! Mike Cox

    They wouldn't accept payment for the job
By Dave

I recently used A-Affordable transmission. They are without a doubt the best shop I have ever delt with. To make a long story short; They fixed my wife's car, replacing worn clutches in the rear axle. The kicker is, they wouldn't accept payment for the job. Ron believed that they had the car longer than they should have so he did the repair for free! Are you kidding me? When he told me the vehicle was ready for pick up I insisted that a bill also be ready. When I went to pick it up the next day. No bill, they refused. Needless to say they have earned my business and I will spread the word on what an outstanding company they are.

By Tom and Mike Ron and Patricia

Thank you for having A-Affordable Transmissions look at my Honda. They kept it for 4 hours and Ron test drove it himself. I was very concerned because these trans are notorious for just quitting and mine has a mild slip. He not only spent all that time but spent extra time explaining everything to my husband and I. His knowledge is incredible. He even fixed a rattle (that was driving me crazy) in my door! I have to drive several grandchildren in this vehicle, and Ron assured me that it is just fine. I will never take my car anywhere else! Thanks Ron and Thanks Curly!!!! This is the way a company should be run - the highest knowledge of the product, professionalism, courtesy, and honesty. I love it. Faithful Patrons forever,

    Best Company in Auto Service
By Patricia

The talent and knowledge in what they do should be enough to label them outstanding, but the service and human compassion in their business dealings is above and beyond. You won't find a better job done or a better price, anywhere!

    Honda 98 accord transmission problem
By Joe Reedy

Well I found AAfordable transmission here on Tom's referral list, It was 6:25 on saturday when I called Curly. Wow he was exciting, he made me fell within seconds that he was ready, happy and willing to check out my transmission for me, and the diagnostic is freeeeee! I am going to be a senior in high school next year and I worked my butt off, while being in school to pay some liar 3,100 for this car! I was up a creek without a paddle, It sure will be interesting to see what happens on Monday! I really don't have the money to get this fixed, ill have to borrow it from my dad, hopefully I'll get a really good price, even with that its doe that I don't have. We will see on monday! Update awaiting... so far I give it five stars!

    Mustang Convertible.
By Frankie

I had a problem with my 1992 Mustang Convertible, I took it to the Littleton location and right away they diagnosed it and gave me a forward estimate. When the work was over there was no extra fee's, the price was very close to the estimate. I was very happy with the work they did, my car is running better then ever. Thank all of you at A-Affordable Transmission Centers.

    Thorough, efficient and fair.
By Michael

Thorough, efficient and fair. My 2000 Durango needed help and I was in a pinch. The guys at the Littleton shop quickly diagnosed the problem, gave me multiple choices to repair the issue with my safety as their primary concern, gave me a comprehensive estimate- which was fair and accurate, completed the work when they said they would, provided a detailed invoice, and showed me (at my request) all the parts that were replaced and explained how they failed. Most important to me is the fact that they thanked me for my business. Bottom line, they did what they said they would do and earned my respect in the process.

    Price and work on my ford
By Happy Customer

I took my 2005 Ford Explorer there for repairs. They knew what was wrong by me telling them what was going on. Seem this Ford transmission is known for problems. They quoted a price and that was the price I left with. I decide to go with the 3 year warranty since This a known problem transmission. It been a Month and runs great. I took it back for inspection like they asked after 2 weeks.They found NO problems. Price and work was GREAT. Thanks Guy's

    They are OUTSTANDING
By Carl

I want to give a BIG Thanks to Ron, Lee and their staff at AAffordable Transmission Center in Thornton, last December Ron rebuilt the transmission on my car, just yesterday I noticed some transmission fluid on my driveway. I called Ron and he asked me to bring the car to his shop. They noticed the old hose clamps were lose and fluid was leaking out. Not only did they replace the claps and hoses but they also found the wire harness was frayed and the wires were bad, they took the time (3 hrs) to replace the wires and harness. I had to leave the car with them overnight, I did not have a ride home so Lee (Office Mgr) drove me home (18 miles). They finished the job today, again, I had no ride to their place so he delivered it for me. I live in Frederick, this was not just down the street. After all this they did not charge me a cent. Keep in mind, the wire harness and hoses and clamps had nothing to do with rebuilding the transmission last December. They are OUTSTANDING! They are dedicated to customer satisfaction. I will ALWAYS do business with AAffordable transmission centers and I will tell all my Family and friends to go there for service.

    Engine check light
By Kim

I went there today and worked with Robert, a true professional. I had a engine check light that indicated that something was wrong with my transmission and after hearing Ron Shaw on Tom Martino's show, decided to go there. Robert spent over 1 1/2 hours looking at my vehicle, got the engine light off, evaluated everything with my transmission, helped me with suggestions and actually charged me

    What do you want to know?


    Really impressed.
By Shelley ‎

Really impressed with this shop. Great attention to detail, fast, reliable, and convenient.

    Car repair experience
By Rick ‎

This was the best car repair experience I' ;ve had in many years. My car broke down in Fraser after going over Berthoud Pass on a cold (-20F) evening. Hilly (the local tow driver and repairman) said it was the transmission but no one rebuilds transmissions up here. After calling around in Denver, I had it towed to A-Affordable. (Hilly made $150 in tow charges.) I fully expected it to cost over $2000. The manager, Randall called back a day later to say there was *nothing* wrong with my transmission. Instead we figured out that it was a frozen brake. I went down and drove it back and it's been fine ever since. I truly appreciate his saving me $2000. (I live up here and didn't ride down with the car, so he could have easily told me anything he wanted.) In this day and age such honesty is really rare. I strongly recommend this company.

By Carri A Globensky

I drive a 1985 Ford van that was converted to have a wheelchair lift place in it. My van stoped shifting, and i was in tears knowing that my van is not functional now, and that i have a job that requires me to transport disabled clients to and from work. I was driving around 120 miles a day. I called Randell, and he was very upbeat, kept reassuring me that it could be fixed. I then told him i was on a limited budget, and they allowed me to do a pmt plan for some of the cost. I went down there to pick it up, and Gary, was very helpful, and even told me that he did a few modifications on when it shifts due to the extra weight inside the van. I just drove up and over Camoron Pass, and pulled our trailer for camping, and it drove like a DREAM come TRUE. I will tell all my freinds that do the same line of work as me to use AAffordable Transmission Centers. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!

By Bill Mazowski

We recently had problems with a transmission in a work truck. I took it to their North Glen shop and they did a great job. Gary is really great to work with and very knowledgeable. This company is honest and straight forward. I will use them again. Bill Mazowski, President of Ben Franklin Electric.

By Sue

As a senior every dollar counts. My repairs were completed at much less than the dealer,

    Transmission repair
By Mark ‎

My caravan needed a transmission repair, and these guys treated me like a customer instead of just a wallet.

    Great as usual!
By Mike Cox

I have an older vehicle with typical problems- Dealer wanted huge $$$ to fix (even some things I was advised didn't need to be done at this time by Ron at Affordable). Ron, Randall and the guys offered affordable solutions, did the work correctly, and on time! Thanks guys

By busdriver54

I called AAffordable when our daughters transmission went out. The man I spoke to suggested I might want to use the 84th ave location, its much closer for me. Randy is awesome! The nicest man, friendly, helpful and absolutely reassuring. Randy told us that he would treat us like his own daughter and only recommend the work that was needed for her safety! Go Randy! I would highly recommend using AAfordable!

    Incredible service
By Kevin Newton

I felt like this is a place I can trust. Came in at the quoted cost. $200 cheaper than the next bid up. In the end, they made a $400 error and still honored the original quote.

    Top Notch
By Herb Stimmel

Had a transmission rebuilt on my 1999 F-150 and they did a tremendous job. Fair price and Devin could not be more helpful. I was so pleased I brought an older truck in for a shift indicator that did not work. I couldn't find anyone who wanted to touch fixing it for less than 600.00. They fixed it and fixed it right for a mere 135.00. Fair, honest and really good at what they do. A customer for life as long as the service is like this.



Address:    780 W 84th Ave
City:    Thornton
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Zip:    80261
Phone:    303-650-8126

Address:    3485 South Zuni Street
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State:    CO
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Phone:    (303) 761-3333

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