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Approval Reverse Mortgage

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We Can Help You with a Reverse Mortgage Today!
Approval Reverse Mortgage has been specializing in Colorado and Arizona reverse mortgages for over four years. We are successful because our loan officers are experienced and listen to what you have to say. And for working with Senior Citizens that is important.

As homeowners 62 or older, you can use the equity you have built in your primary residence to make your retired years richer. There are no restrictions on how you use the loan proceeds and the payments you receive are tax free since you paid taxes on the money you used to pay for your home over the years.

Today, Approval Reverse Mortgage consists of 9 loan professionals who work exclusively in the Reverse Mortgage arena. These loan professionals have been accredited by the state if Colorado to offer continuing education credits to both Certified Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, and Realtors, regarding the reverse mortgage program. Each loan officer brings to Approval Reverse Mortgage years of financial backgrounds, ranging from prior owners of Real Estate companies and CPA firms.

Ranked number 3 in the state of Colorado (2010 and 2011 year to date) shows that Approval Reverse Mortgage can help you and your clients achieve their retirement financial goals, with the use of Reverse Mortgages.



By *****

Linda was always aware of our needs and requirements. She was very focused on them for us. This is our second experience with Linda. She introduced us to the reverse mortgage concept at one of her information meetings in 2013. She has done a very good job for us TWICE! This time was a Refi. Linda is a very caring, professional, and thorough person. We chose her the 2nd time over several other companies because of our previous favorable experience.

By *****

The major reason for us choosing Approval Reverse Mortgage to abtain our reverse mortgage was because of the professional manner in which Anna Neddle functioned, operated and behaved. Ann was friendly and imminently displayed self confidence which, in turn, made us feel comfortable. She not only understood and addressed all questions or concerns, both in meetings and in fallow-up conversations.

    A True Blessing!
By *****

My mom will be 90 years old and can remain in her home because of the reverse mortgage!

    Thank you all!
By *****

Everyone worked very hard for my benefit to help me. I was at a point where I didn't know where to turn & Joan did a marvelous job helping to turn my life around!

By *****

Thank you for making this an enjoyable experience!

By Patricai Correia & Kathleen Motika

The first meeting Kathleen and I had with Linda was Outstanding! She spent 2 1/2 hours with us, answered all our questions and provided info about several options for our consideration "10" THe formal, required counseling was professionally done, too. We so value Linda's technical knowledge and interpersonal skills. She made sure we understand what a reverse mortgage is, how it works and helped us determine the option that was best for us. BRAVA! We've recommended Linda to our friends who are interested in a reverse mortgage and we'll continue to do so. Linda is outstanding representative for your company and a delight for your clients fortunate enough to work with her.

    Mary Jane was GREAT!
By *****

Mary Jane was fantastic! She came out promptly whenever anything was needed and really knew her job! She made a process that is always dreaded a lot less so.

By Joann C

Mary Jane Hall is a wonderful "specialist". We worked so well together. She was so thorough and responded promptly with any question we had for her. I would highly recommend her and approval first & Title Company. It was a very smooth process.

By *****

Mary Jane Hall is absolutely awesome. I never expected anyone who was so kind and helpful. She was these for me all the way and very knowledgeable. You are lucky to have such a wonderful representative!

By *****

The counseling was very well explained & made us confident in what we were doing. This is the second time we dealt with Approval Reverse Mortgage. The are all very helpful, honest & ready to answer any questions so we understand what we are doing. Very thankful for our Reverse Mortgage!

By Millie & Richard

" mid-March, I was laid off by the company I had worked for for 20 years. Because of our reverse mortgage, there is virtually no stress regarding paying a mortgage. We have a wonderful sense of security. We bless the day we met you!" Millie and Richard, Denver, CO

    Best Experience!
By Bill & Pattie

"We are so glad that you were the one we did business with. It was a very pleasant experience to have someone like you. Thank you for everything"

    Thank You Joan!
By Jane

"Dear Joan, Thank you for your most satisfying letter of December 15 which surely did answer our questions and give us the peace of mind we needed on both subjects of the insurance and also the better understanding of the credit matter being cleared. Jane, CO



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