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Blue Sky
Plumbing & Heating

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Blue Sky Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is your full-service plumbing, heating and air conditioning company offering services ranging from drain cleaning to water heaters to custom home remodeling and construction.

Our plumbers and service technicians are among the most versatile and experienced in the metro area. They are experts in forced air and hot water heating and can help with service, repairs and or replacement. All our employees are drug screened and pass rigid background checks and are NOT sales commission based.

Ask your neighbor about us “One Call, That’s All.”

Additional services offered include, but are not limited to:

Water and Sewer Line Replacement
Radiant In-Floor Heating
Water Meters
Sump Pumps
Solar Energy Applications
Green Plumbing Services



    Great Service
By Sally Rush

To the Staff at Blue Sky, I just want to thank you for great service from my first telephone call to the service completion yesterday. Steel was very cooperative with setting up the appointment and acknowledging my concerns about getting a service agent that was experienced in older boiler systems. The technician that made the service call to my home, Brian Wingett, was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. He did spend the time and effort to diagnose the boiler and radiators to find out what really was the problems with the system. He also correctly diagnosed the issue I had with the water heater. He made all appropriate repairs to address those problems. Now I have a good understanding of how best to take care of the system and what may be needed in the future. All of my radiators are heating properly and a problem with source water through blocked pipes was corrected. This entire experience renewed my faith in the pride of workmanship and ethical work. Thank you all for your service. I look forward to using Blue Sky for all plumbing needs up to replacement when the time comes. And a special thank you to Bryan W. I started his service call by announcing how anxious I was about having the system serviced and he very politely and methodically dispelled that with the workmanship and professional attitude. Thank you, Bryan. Sincerely, Sally Rush Empire Colorado

By Brett Piane

Don't ever call this business! My boiler went out and we knew exactly what was wrong with it (from the propane company). They proceeded to charge me $200 to tell me what was wrong with it, again we already knew. The service technician had a terrible attitude and it was obvious that he did not feel like doing the work. They left my pregnant wife and 2 toddlers without heat and hot water and said that they could be back to fix it 5 days later. I called to complain and the office had no compassion what so ever to reduce the charge or get a tech there to fix the problem any earlier. I wouldn't recommend these guys to my worst enemy. Upon sharing my experience with people I know and other contractors the feed back I got was other people had similar experiences and their prices were through the roof.

    Furnace installation.
By Lynnece

My new furnace installation just passed inspection by the C & C of Denver! Hooray!! Thank you very much!! You guys rock! Re: Furnace installation. Lynnece, We are glad to hear that you were so happy with our work. Thanks so much for sharing and for entrusting Blue Sky with your comfort system needs! Mike Wilson General Manager, Blue Sky Plmbg & Heating

By Sheila

On February 24th, I woke up to an ice cold house! My next action was to call Blue Sky and lucky for me they were able to fit me in right away. I’m sure the technician Doug wouldn’t consider himself a “knight in shining armor” but when he showed up (on time no less!) and rescued me from the cold I was extremely happy. The big plus was the part we all hate, the bill! I considered the rates very fair and will definitely refer them to my insurance clients. Thanks for the great service!

    Honest, dependable, great service, good company
By hardtoplease

I have used Blue Sky Plumbing and Heating for the last 17 years. I continually use their services because of their superior experience and customer service. For example, my furnace went out during a blizzard one year. They not only sent someone out to fix it but the employee took the time to show me what was wrong and how I could fix it in the future. Recently, I called asking for help with a leak in my basement. They were prompt, courteous, and fixed the problem the first time. I would highly recommend Blue Sky. Pros:Fix the job right the first time, honest, dependable, nice people.

    Thanks, Blue Sky!
By BigDinBroomfield

Our experience with Blue Sky was terrific. From the friendly and helpful receptionist to the fast response time and courteous technicians. Thanks! We'll use you again.

    Service when you need it
By annmike

Blue Sky Plumbing was courteous and timely when helping me with my outdoor floor drain that was overflowing. I called late at night and they had someone out the very next morning to fix it. It was actually more than just the drain clog it was actually a sump pump issue, and another friendly and courteous technician came out to fix it. The service was done efficiently and reasonably priced.

By Gertrude and Robert

Thank you, Jesse, for your time and concern on our behalf. It is always nice to do business with Blue Sky Plumbing and Heating. Please extend my gratitude to your very efficient crew who came and restored our plumbing to proper working order.

By Sheila

I can’t tell you how happy I was with the service and the plumber Bill. The price was much more reasonable than what I was used to in a house that has more than its share of plumbing problems.

By Jeanie

In Nov. 2011, emergency sewer line replacement needed: a competitor quoted me $3,000 more than Blue Sky, then tried to undercut Blue Sky's price by $150 after I said i was going with Blue Sky! (Shows how inflated their original price was -- pretty shady) I loved Blue Sky's professional service and the way representative Brian Colosuoanno handled things -- he was clear concise and professional in explaining what would be done. I recommend this company highly, it deserves to have many customers & much success.

    Great Company
By crober1

Blue Sky Plumbing and Heating was a pleasure to do business with. The work was extremely well done and in a very timely fashon. The crew showed up exactly as promised, was very frendly and they cleaned up the job site at the end of each work day. Pros:all aspects Cons:none!

By Katherine

The plumber appeared first thing on the morning after I phoned the company. This was important because I was coordinating the plumbing services with the shower installer. The plumber was efficient, competent, and polite.

By Carroll

Service tech showed up on time and completed the work quickly and competently. I hired this company based on their reviews on Angie’s List, their Better Business Bureau report, and the recommendation of a friend. While I don’t like a $60 service call charge, it seems the norm as other HVAC companies I called also charged similar fees for a service call.

By Donna

Blue Sky was able to send a plumber out the day I called. Lloyd had to chip the concrete that encased the shower valves (Cold, hot and mixing valves) so they could be replaced without breaking out any of the existing tile which I wanted to keep. He found replacement valves in a Blue Sky truck that was parked next door where they were working on my neighbor’s plumbing. He was able to modify the stems of the handles to use the original 1953 trim and handles that I wanted to keep. Lloyd did have access to the back of the wall and had to chip some of the concrete away from there, but he was able to do most of the work from the bathroom side. The shower is better than new because the washers can now be changed for the shower valves. Since they were encased in concrete for 55 years, it is hard to believe that they didn’t leak worse than they did! My experience with this company was exceptional and I would recommend them for any plumbing job you have.

By Angela

Blue Sky made two visits. The technician explained everything he was doing and why. He was efficient with his time and expert in his work. Blue Sky came in $200 less than a competing bid.

By Ken

They were very professional and responsive. We were forced to be on a flexible schedule due to outside work and weather conditions. The installers were friendly, professional and took pride in their work. I would use them again.

By Scott

Three men in trucks arrived at the appointed time at our house–a supervisor, a technician, and a technician’s assistant. The supervisor reviewed the problem, provided instructions and then left the two men to fix our heating issue. Half way through the project, the supervisor returned to check on the progress. They repaired the leak,reactivated the heating zone, tested the system, and applied a concrete patch. These gentlemen were capable, up for the task, more than efficient, and finished in half the time initially promised. The job came in at the projected price. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good boiler repair company.

By David

Kitchen sewer line that emptied into a grease trap in our back yard broke & was backing up outside the foundation. Blue Sky was able to cut the line inside the house & tie into the main stack. What could have potentially cost thousands, only cost hundreds. Overall experience very good. They took a couple days to get back to us on a bid, but they gave a cheaper bid than others & they did the work early the very next day. Workman was tidy & quick. He talked to me about the best solution & took my input into consideration. Area was clean when he left.

By Charles

Experienced, knowledgeable, professional. Good at diagnosing, explaining problems, and suggesting solutions when alternatives were possible. Left the work areas clean. Did quality work, using quality materials. Company policy is to charge time and materials rather than fixed rate. Pay when the work is done, no contracts – no need for them to cut corners or skimp on quality. Similarly, they don’t get paid in advance, so they respond quickly and get the job done.

By Jean

Blue Sky was very positive and helpful when I called and had appointments available at my convenience. They were prompt on showing up, efficient, professional, and willing to do whatever I asked.

By Jan

Excellent. Serviceman came in the window of time that I was told to expect, was done very quickly, was very personable and courteous. I paid less than the phone estimate.

By Matt

Blue Sky evaluated my heating system and made a series of suggestions as to what would be needed to increase my energy efficiency and heat output. In addition, Blue Sky put together a tiered proposal that included a series of services that would incrementally increase efficiency and output in order to help me spend as little money on the project as possible while maximizing the effects. Blue Sky suggested that only tackle tier one of the proposal first and then layer on the other tiers if the first tier did not do the job…it did and I was very happy to have saved the money. I will absolutely use Blue Sky again in the future.

By Dixie

On December 4th I was expecting 11 people for dinner and my sink backed up. We made a frantic call to you and within an hour, two of your guys were here and took care of the repair within fifteen minutes. I was so relieved! They did a great job, were friendly and efficient as was the lady who took the call. Thank You So Much!

By Tammy

Thanks so much Blue Sky! The plumbing project to repipe the water lines in my home turned out to be an excellent job.

By Larry

Your guys did a great job on our furnace and air conditioner replacement. Their workmanship is really impressive. Everything was just ducky! We are real excited to see how this Lennox heat pump works out. I will definitely recommend you in the future.

By John and Marjorie

We were very happy with the service. The technician came earlier than expected and corrected the problem right away. We will be happy to refer Blue Sky to anyone in need of service.

By Sheila

I had a service call for a leak in my garage. I can’t tell you how happy I was with the service and Bill the plumber. He was professional, quick and friendly. He explained what he was doing and provided the service I required. The price was much more reasonable than what I was used to in a house that has more than it’s share of plumbing problems. I am now a fan and will be calling again should I need any service. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I called Blue Sky this time. I so much hate plumbing problems that are a major frustration in my house, but I feel a little calmer now. Thank You So Much! Your newest fan

By Orlen

I sure was pleased with Tim’s work. It’s great to know that I finally know who to call when I have heating problems.

By Syirley and Dana

Just about a year ago we wrote you with thanks for you good work. But our appreciation of your staff does not end there. We’re now in the process of selling our house in Genesee. It was essential that we have a thorough inspection and update of our furnaces that were originally installed by Blue Sky in 2000. Your service crew did this promptly, professionally, and in keeping with our tight schedule. We’re very grateful to all of them. But especially, we want to thank Sandy, who arranged the work orders and was exceptionally helpful in getting the necessary invoices prepared, processed, and to us in time to meet our commitment to the buyers. Her courtesy, good humor, and thoughtfulness were refreshing and much appreciated. Please extend our thanks to Sandy and to all of the service crew who again demonstrated the professional quality of Blue Sky!

By Elizabeth

I was extremely pleased with the work Blue Sky did for me. I was very comfortable with the technician and he did a great job. I’ve used Blue Sky for years now and have always been pleased. I recommend Blue Sky to everyone I know.

By James

Thank you so much for fixing our heater in the kitchen. We are very happy with it! It works better than it ever has, like new! Thanks to both Dave and Dan for all the time, effort and work they put out for us. Good men and good work!

    Furnace installation.
By Lynnece

My new furnace installation just passed inspection by the C & C of Denver! Hooray!! Thank you very much!! You guys rock! Re: Furnace installation. Lynnece, We are glad to hear that you were so happy with our work. Thanks so much for sharing and for entrusting Blue Sky with your comfort system needs! Mike Wilson General Manager, Blue Sky Plmbg & Heating

    Great service!
By Alex Deison

Air conditioner was blowing warm air. Repair person found a blockage in our line, recharged our system, and we were back up and running. Very knowledgable and professional.

By Lisa

I had a leak in my radiator, which is the original installed in the 1940s. I was concerned that there might not be a replacement part, and that the old galvanized steel pipes would not survive a repair. Doug had to locate a suitable replacement part and carefully remove and replace the leaking part without damaging the pipes. There were some frustrations with frozen stuck parts, but Doug successfully completed the repair & dealt with the difficulties with good humor. I’ts now been nearly a month, and the radiator works just fine. I now consider Doug the expert on the repair of old heating equipment, and will use Blue Sky for future heating and plumbing repairs. Thank you for providing such excellent service!

By Adrienne

I am writing to inform you that since I have never EVER had any work done to my home of this magnitude, I realized it had to be done, but really did not know how the finished product could possibly look. Much to my delight, Doug was the first contact I had face to face from Blue Sky. He was from the onset very professional and followed thru in a timely fashion with everything he said would happen. During the 2 days he walked me thru everything that was being done to my home, a great source of comfort! He was and is knowledgeable at what he does, what an asset he is to Blue Sky. I hope you appreciate him and in my opinion he is invaluable to your company. Next: The two technicians worked very very hard, and each complimented the other in their work ethics. Nice to see this duo complete the work TO PERFECTION! Again what an asset to Blue Sky and I hope you appreciate such a dedicated team effort So by now you can tell how utterly elated I am to have this all behind me and that I chose your company to do my work. Kudos to BLUE Sky’s team! A very pleased customer.





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