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Compass Insurance Group, LLC

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Compass Insurance Group is an independent insurance company who works hard to earn your business.

We have access to some of the nations best insurance companies and make it our goal to find you the best insurance at the best price possible.

Our business was started in response to an outcry of consumers who were tired of the bureaucratic ways in which they were handled when dealing with their insurance questions.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and will not be happy unless we achieve it. Come see why customers all over Colorado are turning to Compass Insurance Group LLC for their insurance needs.




    Compass Insurance Review
By Chelsey

Compass Insurance is the best. They have an amazing staff who work hard and take care of both my home and auto policies. I don't have to worry about a thing. Amanda Crawford has done an exceptional job with getting us the right policies at the lowest price and switching us from a rental to a homeowner's policy when we purchased our first home. She worked with our lender directly to get all of our insurance set up through our escrow account and I didn't have to lift a finger! I would highly recommend them to anyone. :)

    Compass is the best Insurance Agency I have been with
By Hunter

Compass Insurance has the best staff (especially Laura) that I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend them if anyone is looking for insurance.

By Jessica McAnally

Compass has been my insurance company for over three years and I have been very happy with their service. I have built a personal relationship with my representative and she is just a phone call away for anything I need. I switched to Compass from a major brand and they have exceeded my expectations on service and pricing. They shop many carriers to get the best policy for your specific needs at the best price. I would recommend Compass Insurance to anyone!

By Paul E

I've been listening to Matt on Toms show for 10 years and I trust him and Compass Insurance group with all of my policies. They have great prices and the best service that I've found. Thy are always available to help me when I call.

By Paul E

I've been listening to Matt on Toms show for 10 years and I trust him and Compass Insurance group with all of my policies. They have great prices and the best service that I've found. Thy are always available to help me when I call.

    Great Rates, Agent and Company
By Carol Giambri

I am saving over $400 by my recent switch to Compass. I love the way they operate and how responsive they are to calls and emails. I am overly concerned about getting dynamic excellent service and Compass OVER DELIVERED fast. Brian, is the agent I dealt with. He was on time on the insurance immediate needs. I highly recommend them to all looking at comparing their rates to others. I am a very happy first time customer and keep referring their name to others.

    Jeremy Curzio is awesome!
By Kevin L

My wife and I had Scum Farm for 10+ years. We had a lapse in our insurance last year and they saw it as an opportunity to raise our rates. After 10+ years without having to file a claim not willing to help or work with us. I called Jeremy at Compass and he was willing to help instantly he ran all of our reports and came back with almost $100 cheaper. We told Scum Farm we were getting a better rate at Compass and they said that the lapse would make the rate go up with Compass. I called Jeremy back and told him about the lapse and sure enough Scum Farm put the lapse on our reports the same day we told them we might switch, That would bring the rate up almost $800 every 6 months. They never reported it when it happened only when we said we might switch a year later. I cannot believe they are like that. HOWEVER, Jeremy at Compass said he is locking the rate he first quoted me and it would not be raise due to the lapse. We are still saving $100 a month and glad we made the switch.

    Why I use Compass for my own use & refer clients
By cbergman

I was introduced to Brian Burns in the summer of 2008 when he came to me for a mortgage. During the process I noticed how low his insurance premium was. I had to ask if that was a "owners discount" since he's a partner in Compass Insurance. He said no, everyone who qualifies get's that rate. Shortly after, I transferred over all my auto's and home insurance, saving myself about $800 year. I now refer Compass Insurance to all my Real Estate and Mortgage Clients. Almost all of them end up using Brian. Pros:Responsive, competitive, informative Cons:none that I can think of.

    Great price and everything else
By Lynne

Compass Insurance Group allowed me to lower the rates that I was paying in all of my insurance areas without giving up any coverage. The prices are great since they have so many companies to tap into and the customer service is FABULOUS. We barely had to do any work at all to get all of our policies switched over. Pros:*Prompt and amazing customer service *Total willingness to search for the best price *Ease in transfer of many policies Cons:nada

By jwgau

This company does a very professional job and is always very helpful. Pros:Upon renewal, we don't have to call to get a better rate. If it is available it just appears on our bill. That's fantastic! Cons:NONE

    Great Service
By Pat

Best Insurance Agency Ever!

    Compass Insurance Group
By Lynne

I was skeptical at first. I thought I had the lowest rates. I had even checked on-line. I was totally surprised when Compass was able to save me over $700 a year on my insurance needs. I am very happy with their quick response to any questions I have. I have referred them to many friends (my family already has changed their coverage to Compass) and will continue to do so. I am a very satisfied customer.

    Great Service at the Best Price
By jjngrace

I've been very happy with the service I've received at Compass. Every year they call me to review my policy and make sure I'm getting the best deal available. They shopped me with all of their companies and found the one that fit my situation best. Highly recommended.

    Great Experience
By tommyboy

Each year I get a call from Compass as they shop my rates to make sure I am getting the most for my money. I appreciate their honesty and hard work. I highly recommend them. Cons:None

By Ray Giadone

Brian saved us a ton of money over Farmers, who we had been with for 37 years! Why did we wait so long?

    Huge savings
By Ray Giadone

After being with Farmers for 30+ years I contacted Brian at Compass Insurance. He was very patient and ended up saving me a ton of money. Why did I wait so long?

    They actually cover you
By Brandi

I was relieved to finally find an insurance company that cares about the coverage that they provide. It is nice that you can obtain good coverage at a fair price.

    Great Experience
By Cory

Best rates I could find with very professional service. Matt is an exceptional agent

By Brenda

Dave Boucher, our insurance agent was nothing less than amazing! He answered all our questions, and was very thorough in his explanations. I have every confidence we have put our trust in the right company.

    Great experience
By Kevin

Ryan, did a great job in helping me find coverage when no one else could. He is very professional was always there to answer and questions.

    True Professionals
By Jerry

Ryan took the time to go over my current home and rental properties, He went line by line on the coverage to make sure I was aware of the coverage I had. He made some suggestions, and pointed out some gaps in my old policy. He was able to find me better coverage and saved me almost $1500 per year!

    Great work from Compass
By Mike

Nick at Compass did a great job of finding me a a new home owners insurance policy that's saving me $500 a year. Best phone call I've made this year. Well worth making an inquiry if you think your current policy is too much.

    Insurance Savings
By John Pedote

We just used Nick Engelman at Compass Insurance for our Home and Auto insurance. We saved $307.56 a year. In addition, we now have 17% more coverage on our home and added full coverage on the second car which we only had minimal coverage on before. Nick was professional and works for us not the insurance company. I would recommend him highly.

    Nicolas is great.
By Joan Strain

I called and spoke to Nicolas. My home and auto insurance was up for renewal. He actually told me to stick with who I have because the prices are good (even though they just went up.) He said home insurance has gone up and our new rates were actually competitive. He was honest, helpful and responded quickly. He didn't even get a new account out of our interactions, but I sure will call him next year at renewal time.



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