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    We get three types of clients. One type is only behind by a couple months and their accounts are still with the original creditors. Another type is mixed. Their length of delinquency varies and some of their accounts are still with creditors and others are with collection agencies or attorneys. The third type is in an advanced stage of delinquency, all of their accounts are charged off and with collection agencies or attorneys.

    No matter the situation our goal is always the same. To simultaneously resolve your delinquent accounts with the purpose of lowering your monthly expenses and getting you back on the road to recovery.

    How My Debt Settlement Service Works

    1. When I review your situation during your free consult, I itemize your net worth to identify your potential financial resources that would allow you to settle your debts right away.

    2. This net worth assessment will also provide you and I with a general idea of any potential liability that may be created when settling your debts. Knowing the potential tax liability up-front will allow you to determine if settling your debts still makes fiscal sense.

    3. Once you’re familiar with all of the potential costs and you decide that my services makes sense, you will have the option to hire me to make 3-way conference calls with you to negotiate your enrolled accounts, all at once. The fee I charge is based off your success. 12-15% of what I save you.

    4. You will have the option to not spend and money until you know what all of your enrolled debts will settle for and if the outcome solves your problem. If you don’t like the result and decide not to settle any of your debts, you will not be charged.

    5. After successful negotiations with your creditors, you will receive your agreements to settle in writing. Once you receive each letter from each creditor, you will pay them directly.

    6. The only funds to me is for my fee. Once all your enrolled accounts are settled, your monthly expenses will be significantly less. How much less will depend on your resources. Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation to find out if you have the ability to settle your debts in this more safe and reliable way.

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    By Charles

    I had $ 52,552.92 in debt on 5 different credit cards when I sought help from Jared Strauss. 3 weeks later the first card was settled, and by 5 weeks, all had been settled for $ 23,595.92, or an average of 44.9%. One of the cards was settled for 36.5%. Jared is 100% legitimate. He tells you on the front end what he can do, then he does it. There are no surprises. He is professional, courteous, and effective. The best part is that you pay no money up front; fees are paid AFTER your debt has been settled. His fees are very reasonable. I encourage anyone in financial trouble to give him a chance to help, he can make a big difference even in situations that seem hopeless.

    By Lisa

    Thanks again for all of your help. You have lifted a huge weight from my shoulders and I sincerely appreciate your talent and negotiating skills.

    By Jim

    Thank you for your help in settling our CitiCard problems. The only thing I have received from them since we settled are more credit card offers.

    By William

    I wanted to say thank you for your help and advice concerning my debt problems. I was finally able to make a deal on my own with the collector that I could live with. It's all been taken care of so I won't need your services but thank you again for your straight forward advice.

    By David

    Dear Jared, Thanks again for your help yesterday, you are truly a professional!

    By Janet

    I had a problem with a debt collector, that was threatening... I thought of your referral list, and found Debt Relief A La Carte. What a lifesaver Jared Strauss was to me just via phone conversation. In a three way conversation with Nationwide Credit he was able to solve my problem. He was a godsent. I want to thank you for the referral, and to very much thank him.

    By Sandy

    This is a few lines to say what a great business Jared Strauss owns. We fell miserably, financially, when my wife had to quit her career to go to N.J. to take care of her father (term, cancer) My paycheck did not cover the bills. I talked to attorney's and "We the People" and nothing worked. Jared came to the rescue and has completely taken the stress out of our lives. Jared Strauss rates high in our book.

    By Kelly

    You all took an amazing amount of stress off of me. Thank you for being such a wonderful company and keep up the amazing work. Thanks again for all that you do Jared and have a fantastic week!!

    By Jan

    Thank you very much! You are a life saver!

    By Daniel

    Thank you for your advice. Next card at Attention LLC settled for less. they were adamant on $3,300, so I just stuck it out to my original offer of $2,500 and they did accept the offer. Thanks again,

    By Diane

    Your honesty is refreshing. I made the mistake of contacting a company that specializes in negotiating down debt for people, and they advised me to go delinquent so they could "negotiate a settlement on my behalf" and pay them instead. I'm sure plenty of people are so emotionally desperate that they fall for this option. With gratitude, Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On Michelle from Copper Center from N/A Thank you for your services. Take care and best of luck to you.

    By Hope

    Thank you very much for your assistance. We would certainly recommend you to anyone, based on our experience with you and your business. Thanks you.

    By Christine

    Thanks, Jared! I am scared to death, and also feeling very positive at the same time! (Actually, since this week, the positive is definitely outweighing the negative!!) You've been a great help, and a great comfort to us! Thanks much for keeping in contact!!!!

    By Lee

    Thanks again for all your help in getting this matter resolved so quickly. Thanks,

    By Freda

    I really appreciate all that you have done. Your service was outstanding. Please do not take this the wrong way, but I hope to never use your service again, but would do so and would recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much,

    By Christine

    Mr. Strauss, Thanks again for all your help and your kindness.

    By Monica

    Jared, thank you for everything you've done to help us! We're both so relieved to have this past us. It's like a dream come true!

    By Sheila

    I really appreciate all your help. These were my 2 big ones and I'm glad to have them settled.

    By Nicole

    Thanks for all your help Jared! Regards,

    By CT

    Thank you for your help getting the settlements taken care of. Best regards...

    By Kyle

    Jared, Thank you for all of your hard work on this settlement and for your patience with me during the process. Thanks,

    By Cat

    Thank you, again, for your expertise. Do take care, and again, thank you.

    By Marnie

    First of all, I really respect the fact that you really took some time to explain to me the "system" with credit cards. While we are still carrying about $60K and I really don't know how we are going to get out, but your information was power to me about what will actually happen if we can not pay. You prevented us from making a costly mistake in letting the land go that was resolved when our land sold. THANK YOU! While I don't know you, I can tell you know this industry and your support and advise reminded me that we are not the only ones suffering out here and these credit card companies really have in a way set us up. You have a warm personal demeanor that allowed me to move my emotions on this to intellectual process and I really needed that. Please know how much you helped me and how much I appreciate your phone call. I may turn to you again, I respect your advise. Sincerely,

    By Tom

    Thanks for your being so kind in working with us. Thanks,

    By Joe

    Jared, Just wanted say thanks for all your work and for all your help. Also, I will spread your name with people that I may come in contact with regarding financial difficulties. Take care and please keep up the good work, there are people out there needing your assistance.

    By Mike

    I would like to convey my gratitude toward Debt Relief A La Carte and particularly Jared Strauss. Collectively they settled over $100,000.00 in outstanding debt while saving more than 60% in collections. At the time, I was enduring a divorce, job loss and contemplating bankruptcy. This was many years ago. As a result of securing Jared and Debt Relief A La Carte, I now have impeccable credit, and own a new home. I would recommend all whom find themselves in the bowels of credit encumbrance to try Jared’s program. Jared’s program works and is proven, as I attest to its’ validity.

    By Maria

    Dear Jared, I would like to thank you for the exceptional service that you have provided me. Before I was referred to you, I was deep in debt because of a family crisis and I did not know what to do. I did not want to file for bankruptcy because prior to this, I had been good at paying my bills on time. You were very thorough explaining to me what service you provide your clients. I did not feel pressured to sign up with your office. Upon signing all the required documentation, you immediately started working on all my debtors, writing correspondence and making the necessary phone calls. The escrow officer informed you that time is of the essence, and we needed to get the settlement costs in three days. I had 9 creditors that you had to work with in 3 days and you got the settlement letters from each creditor and all were within the 60% proposed settlement. I am truly impressed when you even went the extra mile by helping resolve the 2 other creditors that still showed on my credit report, that showed no records of me still owing them. Jared, you are truly a heaven sent. I would definitely recommend you to everyone and anyone I know who need assistance in settling their debts. We definitely need more people like you, providing such understanding and excellent customer service to their clients.

        Bert from Pearland
    By Bert from Pearland


    By Matt

    I commend Jared Strauss and Debt Relief A La Carte not only for a job impeccably well done, but also for their extreme sense of professionalism and going far above and beyond the call of duty. Jared was able to work coolly and professionally with my creditors to save me over $8,000, despite their every attempt to frustrate him. He not only helped me to keep a significant amount of money in my own wallet, but did so in record time, too! Then, he far surpassed my expectations by speaking with a competing debt negotiation firm of which I had been a client, to get a refund of the fees I had paid them. He accomplished in a matter of days what his competitor had failed to do for over 8 months, AND he did it with substantially lower fees than the other firm, to boot! Of Mr. Strauss’ ability to not only negotiate successfully with creditors, but to achieve truly fantastic results, I simply cannot sing loudly or positively enough

    By Tim Golden

    Jared Strauss has put my mind at ease. He was so professional and explained all of my options. I have been researching Debt Consolidation for the past month and have put countless hours on the phone with several companies that are "recommended" or "Top Rated". I was given Jared's name from a friend who highly recommend him. Jared took the time to listen to my situation, analyze it and then make a recommendation. The kicker was he gave me a recommendation that his company does not offer as a service. He could of easily sold me on a program that was not right for me. He then took the time to research attorneys in my area, call them and provide me with a recommendation. Take it from someone who has found how frustrating the process can be and call Jared Strauss. He saved us thousands of dollars and i can now sleep at night.

    By Randy

    This outfit is courteous, very professional, and straight with their clients. My wife is currently going through this program. She had over $25k in debts. First debt was settled for 45% in a few weeks. The other two are in the works. This company charges a commission based on a percentage of what they save you so they have an incentive to wipe out as much of your debt as possible. The better they do in saving you money, the more they earn, so it's a win-win. If you're debts are unmanagable, it's worth a call. Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On Excellent Mary Beth Mellott from CO Jared spoke with me two times and referred me to a different program than his. It was greta advice and I appreciate his professionalism and kindness!!! He has great insight and I would recommend him to anyone!!

    By Bob from White Bird

    To Whom it may concern: I, Bob Black having benefited from Jared Strauss' debt recovery services, would like to offer a testimonial to his excellent, professional services. In April of 2003, my wife and I were totally going under financially. She was recovering from several cancer operations. I had a one man self employed business which had slowed to a near stop. All of the "Get out of debt NOW!" programs we had looked into seemed to have catches and gimmicks hidden within them. We feared that would lead to scamming us out of whatever money we put up front to get started. We were lost and bewildered, not knowing what to do. Even as a returning Army helicopter pilot from the Vietnam war, these were the worst times I've ever seen! Jared Strauss seemed to have a good legitimate business that might help us, so we gave him a try. There is no other way to put it, "He was a god sent for us!" Prompt, timely, courteous, EXCELLENT communication skills ~~~ all apply to Jared Strauss. He knows his business and is there for you 100% and leading you back to a program that will have you out of debt and ready for a new fresh start in the financial world. It has been nearly ten years since Jared helped us out. Out current credit score is something like 740, not bad for an old pilot who was nearly out of airspeed, altitude, and ideas before meeting Jared Strauss. I can not praise him enough or give anyone a higher recommendation. He is truly a great guy and a square shooter ~~~~ you won't regret giving him a call for help!!

    By OnStar

    I had $ 52,552.92 in debt on 5 different credit cards when I sought help from Jared Strauss. 3 weeks later the first card was settled, and by 5 weeks, all had been settled for $ 23,595.92, or an average of 44.9%. One of the cards was settled for 36.5%. Jared is 100% legitimate. He tells you on the front end what he can do, then he does it. There are no surprises. He is professional, courteous, and effective. The best part is that you pay no money up front; fees are paid AFTER your debt has been settled. His fees are very reasonable. I encourage anyone in financial trouble to give him a chance to help, he can make a big difference even in situations that seem hopeless.



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