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Executive Structural
Piering LLC.

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Executive Structural Services has been your trusted licensed, insured contractor for all foundation and structural repairs in Arvada and the Denver Metro area since 1989. We are foundation repair specialists for all foundation and structural repairs.



    First Call!
By Michael

We recently purchased a house built in the late 70s and are getting ready to remodel the kitchen. Unfortunately, after living in the home for a couple months, we noticed some issues with the settling foundation that has lead to uneven floors and crooked door frames with doors won't close properly. James, the owner, came out to take a look at our issues to see if we needed to fix anything prior to remodeling the kitchen. I found him to be incredibly knowledgable and friendly. More importantly he didn't try to sell me on work we didn't actually need. Since it's not too bad at this point we decided to monitor the foundation movement for now and address it if it gets worse. Executive Structural Piering will be my first call if the issue gets to the point that it needs to be addressed.

    Trust this Company
By Brian

I really needed help with my foundation damage. I got online and started looking for companies that fix foundation. I called several and had them give me estimates for the repair. This company was the only one who recommended I have a structural engineer look at my house along with there bid. After the engineer looked at my house and gave me a report on the damage I went back to all of my estimates. Boy was there a lot of differences. Some of the other contractors wanted to do work that the engineer said did not need to be done. That alone saved me over $ 7,000 dollars. Executive's bid was real close to what the engineer recommended and was the lowest of all the other contractors. I signed their contract and they started my repair within 10 days. They did everything they said they would. Called me everyday to let me know what the progress was, I gave them money only after they finished each part of the repair. At the end we did a walk through and they made sure I was happy with everything. If you need any foundation repairs done to your home make sure you call these guys.

    Great Company!!
By ***

I contacted this company to take a look at my foundation. It was cracked and sinking in one corner. James, the owner, came out himself and gave me a bid. He was professional and gave me a written bid within a couple of days. NO MONEY UP FRONT! Gave me plenty of referrals and did exactly what he said he would do. Of course I checked him out on the BBB and Martino’s too. They have a great record. I would highly recommend this company.



Address:    5310 Xenon St.
City:    Arvada
State:    CO
Zip:    80002
Phone:    (303) 467-3212

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