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Icon Eyecare

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ICON has the most combined LASIK & cataract experience in Colorado with more than 200,000 LASIK procedures performed at its clinics. ICON has an experienced team you can trust with your eyes.


The advanced NIDEK and Wavefront lasers make ICON the leader in technology for getting LASIK and/or laser-assisted cataract surgery.


Because of ICON’s experience and focus on Colorado’s patients, we provide the most affordable LASIK & cataract pricing anywhere.

We accept most insurance plans:









By Adacia

Icon is by far the best experience i have ever had at an eye doctors. The Friendly staff and fantastic doctors were able to get me started on my road to 20/20 vision, something I have never had. Its amazing what spending a little extra time on each patient can do. Stacee was great and friendly and I would recommend them to my friends and family

By Erin

I've been 20/20 vision for 2 years now. The staff is nothing but friendly and super helpful. Would definitely recommend even if you're just looking to investigate options!

By Christine

It's been a 10 days since my LASIK and I couldn't be happier! Everyone I was in contact with from the consultation to the surgery has been fantastic! My husband and I opted to get LASIK instead of a "honeymoon" and we couldn't be happier! It has completely changed our lives. The best feeling ever is waking up from the nap recommended after surgery and already being able to see!! The staff here is very kind and genuine. They know that LASIK is a life decision and they are there to help you SEE better!!!! I will drive hours and thousands of miles to be taken care of by the best! Thank you ICON!

By Sean

I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Every step of the process was incredibly thorough and efficient. The hour before the surgery I was a little freaked out. After all, they are about to shoot me in the eyeball with a laser beam. But, the sincerity and professionalism going into surgery assured me that I was in the right place. They have done this so many times its routine, yet I knew that they actually cared about me and were ready to do things at my pace. Dr Campbell has one of the most calming voices I have ever heard. From the moment he started speaking to me I knew I was in good hands. Surgery is always scary. It's the ultimate relinquishment of control. Icon LASIK does everything to keep you informed, calm, and safe. My favorite part was when Dr Campbell handed me my glasses just after surgery and said "you don't need these anymore."

By Wayne

I want to thank you profusely for the eye care that I received at Icon Lasik! In fact, I want to compliment you for hiring such quality and helpful people who make our visits so unique and comfortable. In particular, I would like to single out Stacee Tran as one of your best employees. Skilled, articulate, and generous with her time, Stacee exemplifies the model of the "perfect employee". Thank you for understanding how important it is to hire GREAT PEOPLE and allow them to grow and succeed i n today's marketplace. I salute your company and thanks for taking care of my eye care needs so proficiently.



Address:    3900 East Mexico Ave, #102
City:    Denver
State:    CO
Zip:    80210
Phone:    (720) 524-1001

Address:    3553 Clydesdale Pkwy, Suite 104
City:    Loveland
State:    CO
Zip:    80538
Phone:    (720) 524-1001

Address:    10520 El Diente Court, Suite A
City:    Lone Tree
State:    CO
Zip:    80112
Phone:    (720) 524-1001

Address:    1255 19th Street, Suite 101
City:    Denver
State:    CO
Zip:    80202
Phone:    (303) 293-9311

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