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Integra Insurance Group

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John Jones, and the Intregra Insurance Group have been helping consumers with their insurance needs for over 20 years. Since 2008, John has assisted many of Tom’s listeners that have been ripped off, misled, deceived by many other insurance companies, at no charge.

Integra can help you with your present policies or new information on other options at no charge. John has been a trusted source for reliable and accurate insurance information, and will help you with any present concerns, problems or interpretations at no charge.

If you need a reliable, outstanding insurance broker, John Jones with Integra Insurance Group is your go to guy!

We offer:



-Senior / Medicare Supplements







-and pre-existing conditions plans.






By Kathy

David Boucher helped me get some new health insurance. I found it impossible to do on my own & he had great time & patience.

By John Lindau

I e-mailed Dave questions about a Consumer Driven Healthcare Plan (CDHPT), and Obamacare, and he e-mailed me back quickly offering to help me understand all of this. he is wonderful.

    John and his team are great!
By Jesse Jacoby

John and his team at Integra were wonderful to work with. I thought I knew how to find a good deal on insurance by myself, but the options that John and his team came up with I hadn't even considered. We found insurance that fit our needs and was under budget. Super nice guy and a joy to work with. Thank you!


Address:    11172 Huron Unit 21
City:    Northglenn
State:    CO
Zip:    80233
Phone:    (303) 466-5500

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