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Joseph A. Lazzara,
Attorney at Law

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Joseph A. Lazzara, P.C. is committed to getting results. His office is devoted to providing personalized legal representation backed with over 18 years of experience as a trial attorney. Joseph A. Lazzara understands the importance of your case and keeps you informed throughout the duration of the legal process. By providing you with quality legal representation, our clients refer their friends and family members to us, which is the greatest form of compliment.

Joseph Lazzara has not only taught law, criminal evidence and criminal procedure, at Metropolitan State College but previously hosted a radio show, LEGAL TALK, heard on 630 KHOW. He is also recognized as one of the top DUI defense attorneys in the nation. Moreover, Mr. Lazzara is part of the legal panel, ASK THE EXPERT, sponsored by Fox 31 and Channel 2 KDVR.

Mr. Lazzara was selected by Tom Martino to be part of his LEGAL HELP CENTER, which provides advice, counseling and representation to individuals. Further, Mr. Lazzara contributes weekly to the Tom Martino radio show.

At your free initial consultation, you can expect to meet with Mr. Lazzara personally. You will understand your rights and feel confident with his extensive knowledge and network of specialists including: private investigators, forensic toxicologists, psychologists, physicians and accident re-constructionists.

The Law Office of Joseph A. Lazzara prides itself on providing experienced, aggressive, and affordable legal representation in the following areas:

Criminal Defense:

Motor vehicle hearings
Drug offenses
Assault, battery,harrassment, stalking
All Felonies and Misdemeanors
White collar offences, including embezzlement, impersonation, forgery, fraud and theft
Property crimes such as burglary, theft, criminal mischief
Vehicular assault and manslaughter
Sex assaults and crimes against persons
Traffic Offenses

Personal injury:

Automobile accidents
Wrongful death
Slip and fall
Insurance bad faith
Motorcycle accidents

Professional Highlights of Joseph A. Lazzara:

Member of Tom Martino’s Legal Help Center
Member of Colorado Bar Association
Member of the Douglas County Bar Association
Member of Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
Internship with Chief Justice Marion Opala of the Oklahoma Supreme Court
Former adjunct professor at Metropolitan State College
Member of Fox 31 and Channel 2 KDVR – ASK THE EXPERT
Better Business Bureau A+ rating
Licensed to practice law in the United States District Court
Licensed to practice law in all County and District Courts of Colorado, the Colorado Court of Appeals and Colorado Supreme Court




    Excellent representation
By Nicholas Romano

Mr. Lazzara provided me with excellent legal counsel and representation in court. He is professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. He is the only attorney I will use in the future. Highly recommend.

    Excellent DUI defense attorney
By Andrew

I contacted Joseph Lazzara for information regarding my options after being charged with a DUI. He responded to me within the next day and was immediately available to explain my legal situation in depth before I hired him for his services. He was up front with details of his legal fees which were very affordable for this type of defense, especially considering the charges were in a county on the western slope. Throughout the entire process Joe was transparent and helped coach me along the way. As this was my first situation involving a legal proceeding, he was very thorough in helping me understand what was going on and provided detailed information when requested. With his diligence and expertise, Joe found multiple issues with the case and he was able to achieve dismissal at both the DMV hearing and district court cases. If you find yourself in a similar situation, I would not hesitate to contact Joseph Lazzara for legal assistance right away.

By Heather

Obviously from the second you get a DUI/DWAI, you feel small and scared (at least this is how I felt) and unsure about what laid ahead. I went online to look for reviews of an attorney my friend had referred me to, luckily I had because he only had 2 stars and was on probation w the Bar Assoc. Luckily, I saw a review of Joseph A Lazzara; he had raving reviews so I made a phone call that day to schedule a consultation. From the beginning thru the end…Joe explained everything that was ahead of me (the unknown was the scariest part of the entire process for me). Both he and his office staff were great at communication and fighting for the best outcome and have continued to assist with any additional questions, including representing me w/ my DMV hearing. He fought for me to keep my license and even helped me get a reduction of my therapy track after I completed everything the court had asked of me. He helped me save time away from my family and money I would have spent on additional therapy sessions, even the judge said he rarely reduced his original decision. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Joseph Lazzara for anyone facing any charges within the court system, he will fight for you until the end!

    Joseph Lazzara is a "Rock Star" DUI defense attorney.
By Susan

Joseph Lazzara is a “Rock Star” DUI defense attorney. He has been practicing criminal law for 20+ years in the Denver metro area, and it definitely shows. He has a “long track record of success,” and I can gratefully add to it - twice. Joe represented me on my second and, most recently, third DUI charge. In both cases he won the DMV hearings and court hearings. All the evidence and charges were dismissed in both cases without ever going to jury trials due to his highly skilled criminal defense strategies. Joe’s overall client guidance and case management is superb. His courtroom performance is amazing. He is extraordinarily talented in defending criminal law, constitutional rights, and maneuvering through the criminal justice system. He is an above average, smooth, smart, and well respected lawyer who certainly knows how to get the job done. Joe saved me two times from losing my driver’s license and going to jail. The facts prove, you can’t get a better DUI defense attorney than Joseph Lazzara. He is a “hero” in every sense of the word. Amen to that!

    Joe Lazzara, Esq.
By S.W.

Joseph A. Lazzara is an amazing, superb, top-notch criminal defense lawyer. It is with tremendous respect and admiration I can speak about Joe Lazzara, Esq. He successfully defended me five years ago in my DUI case and DMV license revocation hearing, obtaining outcomes of dismissal for both. Now Mr. Lazzara is defending me on another DUI charge, and so far, has again obtained dismissal of my DMV license revocation due to his solid knowledge of the law and expertise in defending individuals’ legal rights. Joe is intelligent, articulate, highly skilled and experienced. You can count on him to be well prepared, knowing the laws specifically applicable for defending your case. He provides strategic guidance and coaches on what to say and what not to say for answering questions and speaking on your own personal behalf. The criminal justice system is a lot to wrestle with - Joe will give you the confidence and peace of mind required to be successful. He is an honest, trustworthy, caring legal expert who treats his clients with dignity and respect. From my own experience, Joseph A. Lazzara certainly will “protect your rights and fight for your future.”

    Joseph A Lazzara
By Frank V

If you want a real attorney than Joe is the one to look for I have had plenty of attorneys Joe has defended me 2 times with great results he keeps you informed on everything that is going on and what to do to help your case out he is not one to look over your case at the time of court Joe is an awesome lawyer he works for you and his pay not just his pay if you want some one with just the name than you went the wrong way Joe got my dwai dropped to nothing 200 dollar fine my assault dismissed if I ever need another lawyer which I hope I never will Joe is it had other lawyer nothing they were just their thanks Joe

    Got me out of a stupid bind
By Andrew Coop

Lazarra is awesome. I ran into some baseless criminal charges and he was immediately available and professional. If you are willing to be held accountable then he's your man!

    True Client
By ***

I sought out Joe based on his recommendation from Tom Martino and his other reviews. I can say that I was not disappointed. My DUI case was in El Paso County and was an extensive drive for him. I had no less than five required appearances in the court. If Joe was unable to attend due to other court obligations, he ensured that he sent the best local DUI attorney to represent me. Between Joe and his team, he was able to get my conviction reduced to DWAI and a deferred sentence. During sentencing he argued against a very harsh judge which was recommending me to attend 42 hours of alcohol therapy and won. I would recommend Joe and his team to anyone who screwed up and needs a defense!

    Great Outcome
By ekmn72

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, look no further. After talking with multiple attorneys I decided to hire Joe Lazzara to help me with a very difficult DUI case in Jefferson County. Mr. Lazzara and his law firm were very professional and down to earth. Mr. Lazzara is a powerful trial attorney with impressive knowledge of the law and the record to prove it. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. Please don’t think twice to give the Lazzara Law firm a call you would not regret it. Pros:Agressive and Knowledgeable

By Lazzara

He handled my case with compassion and skill. I was impressed my his skill in trial and was more than successful as a result. I am thrilled with his work ethic and would highly recommend him to anyone. Pros:Skilled litigator, affordable, knows what he is doing

    Against All Odds
By LMP45888

I highly recommend Joseph A. Lazzara for personal injury cases. After hiring another well-known personal injury law firm, who offered horrible advice, I sought his second opinion. He was frank and honest about my options. I finally felt like I had someone who really cared about my health and well-being. He settled my case and I couldn't have been happier. Mr. Lazzara is extremely knowledgeable, confident and has an exemplary reputation.

    Very Pleased
By AliciaH

The attorney was compassionate and a pit bull in court. He fought for me the entire way and ultimately won my case at trial. The one thing I can say is he was very thorough and knew more about DUIs than even the police officer or DA. Pros:Knowledgeable and a Fighter Cons:NONE

    Life Saver

My daughter got cross ways with the local police department and it was bumped up to the county level. Mr. Lazzara worked on her case for approximately 9 months and got the 5 original charges reduced to 1 charge, a reasonable and workable solution. I would recommend Mr. Lazzara without hesitation if you find yourself up against the 'system'. He is absolutely your best choice. Pros:The best legal defense you are going to find anywhere. Cons:Absolutely NONE!!!!

    Great Outcome
By ekmn72

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, look no further. After talking with multiple attorneys I decided to hire Joe Lazzara to help me with a very difficult DUI case in Jefferson County. Mr. Lazzara and his law firm were very professional and down to earth. Mr. Lazzara is a powerful trial attorney with impressive knowledge of the law and the record to prove it. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. Please don’t think twice to give the Lazzara Law firm a call you would not regret it. Pros:Agressive and Knowledgeable

    Relieved my Stress, Great Result
By Nicole

Joseph Lazzara obtained an amazing result on my case. I was nervous and scared because I screwed up, but he put my mind at ease, went to work, and I was shocked when he was able to get my case resolved with a result that I never dreamed was possible. His staff was also very helptful the entire time. I will recommend him over and over again!

By Sarah

Joe Lazzara did a a great job. I was always informed of what was going on and received copies of everything. I am very happy with the result. His staff was also incredible and compassionate. Great choice for an attorney.

By Jay King

I was working in a residential community and made a bad choice regarding property trespass. I did not realize how serious the consequences. Later that day, a police detective left a voice mail, which made me very concerned. While searching for a lawyer on line, I heard on the radio that Tom Martino speaking highly about Joseph Lazzara. He was in court, so I left details of what happened to his secretary. After speaking to Mr. Lazzara, he recommend I should have a lawyer call on my behalf to find out the charges against me. He was concerned I might say something that could hurt me in court. He agreed to call for me, without discussing a fee. After a long talk with the detective, Mr. Lazzara called me back and said I was lucky. He got the detective to drop all charges. I was so relieved and thanked Mr. Lazzara again and again. Mr. Lazzara was very professional and showed exceptional concern and interest for me. He showed me he cares about regular people. I will certainly call him if I need a lawyer in the future.

    Excellent Lawyer
By Tracy Berton

I'm so glad I hired Joe Lazzara to help me through my court battle. I was so afraid that my ticket would ruin my life and my career. Joe handled my case with professionalism and made me feel like my case was a priority. He got a deferred sentence for me so the offence will be removed from my record after 2 years. I'm thrilled with the help I got from Joe Lazarra and would highly recommend him.

    the right choice
By David

Mr. Lazzara left no doubt of his skills, desire, or his knowledge of the law. It was evident his peers respected him as well. Mr. Lazzaras skills in the courtroom were more than impressive, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone feeling they needed a very good, competent lawyer

By Kim

Joseph Lazzara and his staff were amazing. He has the experience, training, and skill that you look for in an attorney. He was able to get my case dismissed. I almost didn't hire an attorney but I am so glad I hired Joseph Lazzara!!! I almost went with someone else because they were cheaper. Joe is worth every penny.

    Highest Recommendation
By Joy

After looking into Joseph Lazzara's qualifications as a DUI attorney I hired him and have had no regrets. He assessed and immediately demonstrated the necessary concern, aggressiveness, knowledge and experience I needed. As an attorney who had an unusual and astounding experience having this case in the first place, I am able to give Mr. Lassarra the highest recommendation.

    Highest Recommendation
By Patricia

I was fortunate to have found Mr. Lazarra through this website. Joe has nineteen years experience with DUI cases in several Colorado counties. My case had several complications that gave Joe a challenge to work with. He patiently took me through the entire process, from DMV hearing through Pre-Sentencing Investigation (My case took five months). Joe Lazarra really performs in the courtroom, and is mindful of every detail of your case so as to foil any curveballs. His friendly staff always mailed reminders of court dates and were available to answer any questions. Because of his skilled representation, I received a fair judgment, with reduced charges—thereby saving me a lot of time and money.

    Fantastic Attorney
By Sarah Aspa

Joe Lazzara did a great job for me and my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Joe!!! Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On Could not be more pleased Matt from Littleton, CO I highly recommend Joseph Lazzara's services. His professionalism, communication, and knowledge of the law is second to none. I had a very difficult case with unusual circumstances. He walked me through every step of the process, and I recieved a fair & very agreeable outcome. Even in a bad situation, he is a pleasure to work with.



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