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Tom Martino, founder

Law Offices
of Andrew F. McKenna, P.C.

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  • At the Law Office of Andrew McKenna, we understand and will work with you to find the best solution to your financial problems. If bankruptcy is the best answer, we’ll represent you through the entire process. With our extended practice areas, we make sure that you’re covered under all the stressful circumstances that come into play.

    We have the following practice areas:

    -Asset Planning
    -Sporting Goods
    -Automatic Stay
    -Judgment Avoidance
    -Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
    -Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
    -Discharging Taxes
    -Asset Keeping
    -Social Security
    -Junior Mortgages
    -Student Loans
    -and much more!


    Though Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the most common types of bankruptcy in Colorado, we also deal with Chapter 9, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and Chapter 15 bankruptcy. We are experienced and trusted bankruptcy lawyers in Colorado with success to back us up.BBBaccredited_business

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    Address:    3801 E. Florida Ave., Suite 400
    City:    Denver
    State:    CO
    Zip:    80210
    Phone:    (303) 730-8819