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  • Personalized Service from Experts Who Know Flooring

    There’s nothing more frustrating than going into a store and not being able to find a salesperson to help answer your questions. Interestingly, this is one of the biggest complaints we hear from customers who have visited the big home improvement stores in their search for flooring. Another complaint is that sales clerks in these big-box chains oftentimes lack the knowledge to give customers real answers to their flooring questions (an issue that can prove very costly in the long-run)

    img_3876-300x200When you shop our Denver flooring store, you will always be greeted by knowledgeable flooring professionals. Flooring is what we do, and we’ve been doing it for quite some time. So we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. We are not only up on the latest flooring styles and technologies, but we also know firsthand how well different flooring types will perform under certain conditions. So, if for example, you’re shopping for flooring for a room that’s susceptible to the effects of moisture, such as a basement, we can explain why some flooring may not be the best choice for this room and steer you toward flooring options that are better.

    We not only know the quality of our products, but we can also explain the manufacturer’s warranty and tell you what is covered – and what is not. When we quote a price, we’ll give you a true breakdown of all the costs involved in a flooring installation – so you can make the most informed decision that meets your flooring needs – and your individual budget.

    A Large Selection of Styles from Top Name Brands

    When you shop our Denver flooring store, you’ll find a large selection of products from many of the industry’s leading brands. So if you see something you like in a magazine or on a site like Pinterest or Houzz, our Denver flooring store is where you can go to actually see and feel the product for yourself. We also have lots of samples you can take home to see how they look against your décor. And as a specialty store, we offer services such as design assistance and free in-home consultations. We’ll come out to your location, measure your space and explain the materials needed for your installation – so there are no surprises on installation day.


    Professional Installations from Local Flooring Craftsman

    Another perk of shopping our Denver flooring store – professional installations you can trust. Paradigm Interiors is owned and operated by Don Taylor and Matt Budler, who began as expert tile installers in the Denver area more than a decade ago. Through the years, Don and Matt have gained a wealth of knowledge in installing tile and other flooring materials. In addition to leveraging their hands-on experience, Paradigm also works with a team of professional craftsman who are experts at installing flooring in the Denver area. This allows us to confidently stand behind all of our flooring installation. And as a locally owned store, we’re right here to answer any maintenance questions you may have – long after installation day.

    Come See for Yourself

    We invite you to visit our Denver flooring  store to find out for yourself the many advantages of shopping a local specialty flooring store.


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    Phone:    (303) 630-9204