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The Enten Law Firm

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A Personal message from Cliff Enten:

“As an Attorney who formerly represented the insurance companies I saw that their goal was to pay people as little as possible. Their responsibility is to the shareholders of the company not to you, the injured person. I know what fair treatment and fair compensation is. I changed sides to help injured people get the maximum care and financial settlement they deserve. You know what happened to you, and you have the right to be compensated to the fullest extent of the law. If you have any questions, please give me a call for professional advice and a free consultation at the office, your home or wherever you are most comfortable.”

If you are in need of exceptional legal representation in Colorado, please call my office to speak with myself or one of my staff.

You may also go to our website, and complete our case evaluation form.

By providing us with the details of your case, we can determine the best way to assist you. A member of my legal team will be in touch with you shortly. Remember help is one call away.
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    I would highly recommend them!
By Dawn

I hired this law firm out of the yellow book USA directory, as I am a former employee of Yellow Book USA and am trained to know how to pick an excellent business! While I was a victim of serious bodily injury, the law office of Cliff Enten arranged to pick me up at my residence and take me to their office for my initial consultation. Their ad states prompt, personal attention and aggressive representation which is why I hired them. The entire staff is extremely professional and offered fast, expert advice and also obtained my settlement amount in a timely fashion. I highly recommend them if you are an accident victim.

    Truly knows what they are doing.
By Robert Lucero

I can truly say the law office of Clifford J Enten was the best choice ive ever made. I heard and I saw how awesome this firm is. I truly got more than I was expecting. This firm truly knows what they are doing. Thank you staff at Clifford J Enten.

    To the point and productive
By William

My experience with the law office of Clifford S (Kodiak) Enten was handled in a very professional manner. The associates were very helpful and straight forward with all my questions. no nonsense, friendly, to the point, productive meetings. No time wasted with very impressive results. I will recommend them highly in the future. Thank you so much!!

    100% satisfied!
By Shannon

I just want to thank the law office of Mr. Enten. I am very pleased of the outcome and their continuous time and effort regarding this matter. One hundred percent satisfied and would be glad to refer this law firm to anyone who needs good representation. Again thank you so much for everything.

    extremely satisfied
By Donna Brown

I tried calling numerous attorneys in Denver, CO for help with my dog bite case. All of the other attorneys I spoke with before , I didnt love and said that it wasnt worth any money. I called Cliff Enten, who took his time and energy with my case and told me it was worth pursuing. He took my case and got me a great settlement which exceeded my expectations. I was extremely satisfied with the service her provided.

    They are the best
By Daniel

I was very fortunate to find Cliff Enten to represent me in my workers comp and personal injury case. He and his staff have been terrific. They got me to doctors wjo saw to my recovery and addressed the many issues from my injuries. Cliff and his staff were there to answer my calls and my questions and to get me the best settlement possible. I would recommend Cliff to anyone in a similar situation. They are the best.

    Very pleased
By Benjamin Miranda

I would like to say I was and am very pleased with the service I got working with the Law Office of Cliff Enten and if I ever need another injury lawyer I will be sure to bring my service back here.

    Cliff did wonders for me
By Steven P

Cliff did wonders for me and my case. I was so invovled with my medical condition that I could not take care of my case and Cliff did that for me, He got me the medical attention that I needed when nobody else would. He took care of the problems I was having with my insurance company. He worked the case out extremely beneficial to myself

    More than I was expecting.
By Robert L

I can truly say that The Law Offices of Cliff Enten was one of the best choices that I have ever made I heard and I saw how awsome this firm is. I truly got more than I was expecting. They truly know what they are doing. Thank you staff at Clifford J. Enten.

    This firm is outstanding!
By Michael B.

Excellent communications with every development. They are honest and hopfully I won't need them anymore, but if I do they will be the first call and i will tell all of my friends and family to not choose anyone else to represent them. Thank you very much Mr. Enten and staff

    I would refer him to anyone.
By Tony R

Cliff has been my attorney for over three years on my auto accident, he has been very proffesional and has guided me through this whole process. He won me a nice settelment. I would refer him to anyone that I know to his firm. If I am ever injured I will come back to Cliff Enten. .

    I did not know what I was going to do.
By Sandra S.

When I got into my accident I did not know what I was going to do. Then I walked into the offices of Cliff Enten and they (listened) they assured me that after 9 months of having medical bills and everthing pile up. He got it taken care of. I am so glad that I walked into his office. I would recommend hin to anyone that may be injured in an auto accident. Thank you to the team at Cliff Entens Law Firm.

    Excellent busuness ethics.
By ***

This was a very succesful & pleasent endeavor with this firm. They were promp,professional,yet personal and Friendly. Every call was returned and the service was spectacular. Mr, Enten is a likeable man with a genuinely excellent busuness ethic. I also think the same about his awsome parralegals. Thank you all.

    More than an attorney
By Wanda H.

I want to give thanks to Mr. Enten for his services in my claim. He was devoted to my case and he was very personable, he cared about me as he would if I was a family member. Mr . Enten was more than an attorney he treated me with respect and caring. Thank yo Mr. Enten and your to your staff as well.

    Very professional.
By Andrew

If we had a scale to rate from 1 to 10 we would have to give him a 20. They busted the bar and came through for us. It was quick and very professional. Job well done and we thank you very much.

    Medical Treatment that I needed.
By Brent P.

After my accident I did not what to do or how to get the medical treatment that I needed. The staff here helped me evey step of the way. I was able to get the treatment that I needed and a settelment above all expectations.Thank you for all of the help along the way.

    The service was over and above.
By Rick S.

I 100% recommend the law offices of Cliff Enten and staff. The service was over and above anything I expected. They kept me informed of every aspect of my case and I received a very fair and just settelment. Thank you very much Mr. Enten.

    Fast expert advice
By Dawn S.

I hired this law firm out of the yellow book USA directory, as I am former employee with them and I am trained to know how to pick an execellent business. While I was a victim of serious bodily injury, The Law office of Cliff Kodiak Enten arranged to pick me up at my residents and take me to their office for my initial consultation this states prompt,personal attention and aggressive representation. Wich is why I hired them. The intire staff is extremley pofessional and offered fast expert advice I also obtained my settelment amount in a timly fashion. I highly recommend them if you are a accident victim. Thank you.

    Attended to and important.
By E.J.

“We could not have been happier with the service we received! From the moment we decided to work with this firm, we had no more worries. They took over everything and we had little to have to handle ourselves. We felt very attended to and important. In addition, our end result was above and beyond what we had ever hoped for. I couldn’t recommend Cliff and his firm enough.”

    Always available to answer questions
By The W. Family

“Our whole family was in an automobile accident. Cliff was great to work with. He was always available to answer questions and never failed to give us straight answers. He sat down several times with us to discuss our case. We would recommend him to all of our friends and associates.”

    Offered a $1,500 settlement
By Zena L

"When I came to see Cliff Enten due to a car accident, I was offered a $1,500 settlement from the other insurance company. I felt completely lost and had no idea on how to handle this. Cliff Enten took care of everything for me and settled my case for a much higher amount."

    Beyond my expectations
By Jimmy P.

"I used the Law Office of Clifford J. Enten. They did an excellent job on my case, they went beyond my expectations of what I thought I would get, they have always been very polite and treated me with respect."




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