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Mark Trenner

Trenner Law knows the challenges of today’s marketplace, and helps individuals and small businesses protect their intellectual property and achieve their business goals. Mark Trenner has over 15 years of expertise. Contact Mark today to find out how he may be able to assist you.


Brand Protection – Trademarks and Servicemarks
Trade Secrets
Business Law
Licensing and Agreements
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By tG6KJpawSVLs

This westibe makes things hella easy.

By Don

I hired Mr. Trenner after search for a patent attorney. I had a provisional patent and was needing to file for a full patent. Mr Trenner was extremely helpful from out first conversation. He explained the patent process in a comprehensible way. Mr. Trenner's experience wand expertise was also evident as he processed the paperwork that I had given him regarding my provisional patent. He explained what was lacking and offered to provide a better model for my invention. The final product explains my invention to a tee. I was very impressed with the detail involved in the explanations and sketches involved. I would also like to commend Mr. Trenner for patience with and inventor who made changes to the invention description and drawings as we went through the process. Mr. Trenner is professional in manner, and extremely knowledgeable in the legalities of the patent process. I highly recommend him.

By Kathy

Patent Attorney, Mark Trenner, has provided me with the VERY BEST service right from my initial phone inquiry, to meeting with me at a location convenient for me, to providing on going information/teaching regarding the patent and trademark laws, to supporting my passion for my invention, to filling the provisional patent application and trademark applications and all within my start up budget! I was a total novice entrepreneur, and Mark patiently took the time to guide me through the processes for owning my intellectual property rights. Mark has integrity and is a man of his word. I trust him completely. I'm thankful I hired Attorney Mark Trenner.

By Deb O

I am a 1st time user of the Tom Martino referral list - VERY SATISFIED! Mark Trenner was very helpful, HONEST, knowledgeable. I did not know where to turn in regards to patents/trademarks, so I asked Tom Martino's crew. I would definitely recommend the Trenner Law Firm - Mark was extremely helpful, honest and ready to answer any and all of my questions. Thank you Mark! I appreciate all of your help!




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