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cple_img01Wink & Wink is a bankruptcy law firm. We file both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Our clients range from individuals and married couples with consumer debt to small business owners who need help dealing with their assets and liabilities in bankruptcy.

Wink & Wink is a family business and we take our service to our clients seriously. We give our clients our personal cell phone numbers and we strive to be available and attentive to client questions and needs.

Wink & Wink is a husband and wife law firm. Both Mike and Gailyn Wink are deeply committed to helping people struggling with debt and with using the power of the laws of bankruptcy to get their clients relief and a fresh start.sitemgr_american-hardwood-and-stone-in-parker-co-38075



    These are the attorneys you need!
By Jenn

I cannot say enough good things about Mike Wink! He was upfront and honest about every aspect of my case. I came to Wink & Wink in the middle of a chapter 13 case that was being handled poorly and dishonestly by a different attorney. Mike untangled the mess that someone else made, and explained to me the reality of my situation and the steps I needed to take to not only qualify for a feasible plan but to insure I would be successful in carrying my plan to completion. Its such a relief to know I have such a knowledgeable and honest attorney and am on my way to a true solution! There is a huge difference in bankruptcy attorneys, anyone thinking about it needs to contact Wink & Wink to get things done right the first time.

    Financially restored
By Tony L Laugen

Wink and Wink saved my "drowning in debt" life. Don't let other BR attorneys discourage you from a 13 bankruptcy. Other attorneys will. Wink and Wink will help you decide what is best for you. My situation was from a divorce with kids. Sometimes life situations happen and you need a reset. DON'T WAIT AS LONG AS I DID!!! Call them... get a meeting... and feel the financial relief!!!!! If you have any questions about my case..... email me at tlaugen2 at gmail .com. When I filed in 2016 .... I know I could have used some support!!!!

    Great to work with
By Carol

Mike, Gigi and their staff are remarkable. My husband and myself recently filed a chapter 13 and they were great. Always informative, straight forward and very helpful. They really know their business. All emails and phone calls were promptly answered with all the information we needed. They made us feel very reassured and were very down to earth, and great sense of humor to boot! We were never made us feel bad for making our mistakes but instead help with how to rebuild and move forward. We thank them in helping us transition and move forward with a clean start.

    Ssome of the best people i've had the pleasure of dealing with
By Victor W.

When your looking for help its hard to know who you can trust. I for one can say i trust Mike and Gigi. There honest,nice,patient and knowledgeable. From start to finish they were professional and great to work with. I hope i wont need to file for bankruptcy again but if i do i know were i'll be going. Victor W.

    Wink & Wink - An Amazing Team
By TammieJen

Being that this can and is a scary, unnerving and humiliating process Wink & Wink really are an amazing firm. They take you through each step, treat you like a human being and are 100% there for YOU. They really cover everything and don't miss a beat, this of course is if you are honest with them. They can only do there job 100% if you are willing to do the same. It is worth every bit of your time to seek them out if you are considering filing bankruptcy. All it takes is a phone call to make your first office appointment. You will be glad you called them as they make you feel comfortable and you will leave with all the necessary information to make the right decision. Thank you for all you did to make this process a little less stressful. A great firm that really cares about their clients. Appreciate the Wink & Wink team.

By Mares

The quality services my wife and I received at Wink & Wink was remarkable. From the initial meeting they were responsive to our calls, questions and concerns. All issues were handled professionally and timely. We are proud to recommend Michael and Gailyn Wink. They are an A+ in our book. Excellent service from start to finish

By Mared

The quality services my wife and I received at Wink & Wink was remarkable. From the initial meeting they were responsive to our calls, questions and concerns. All issues were handled professionally and timely. We are proud to recommend Michael and Gailyn Wink. They are an A+ in our book. Excellent service from start to finish


Because of Wink & Wink, this process was as smooth and accomplished as quickly as it could possibly be. I was treated with respect and dignity though the process. Mike was always honest and forthcoming about the processes, and expectations. Thank you for your excellent service.

    Wink & WInk
By Sue

My husband and I used Wink & Wink to file Chapter 13 and I don't think we could have found better attorneys in Colorado. They we're so extremely nice and made a bad situation into a painless process. Filing bankruptcy is not something we ever planned on but we're glad we used Wink & Wink to help us through it.


In the recent economy, I found myself in a dire financial situation that I couldn’t get myself out of. I contacted Wink and Wink for a consultation. There was no pressure, as they wanted me to make the best decision. I felt confident in their abilities to represent me and my case. They proved to be professional, knowledgeable, and, expedient with the entire process. Any questions I had, they were able to answer. They completed my case successfully, and, I am living debt free!


I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Your support and understanding exceeded my initial feeling regarding this process. I truly believe that you were on my side and worked at getting the best deal for my situation. I hope you know that I wouldn’t hesitate to refer someone to you.


Thank You so very much in handling this for us. I don’t believe that [my wife] and I could have found any better person or firm to work with. You did a great job in keeping us informed and helping us keep calm and the stress level always to a minimum during these last couple of months.


Bankruptcy one year later: Just dropping you a note saying all is well here at the {client} house! Have a new retirement plan started, Credit score is higher than expected. Actually have money saved. No more debt burden. Thanks again for all your help as I am no longer a” Slave to lender “. Hope all is well with and your family.

    Chapter 7 clients
By David and wife

Thanks again for all your help on our bankruptcy. You were wonderful and please us this as a reference. Couldn't have gone any better.

    Chapter 7 client
By Chuck

Thanks a million!!! .... Please tell Christine (paralegal) THANK YOU and of course thanks to you and Mike you worked with us for us, you are first lawyers who have done an excellent job that I have met in my life.

    When you need Help
By Roger & Carmen

I never thought I would need a Bankruptcy Attorney and thankfully we watch Tom Martino and he had Michael Wink on his show. Mike and his wife Gigi were ever so helpful through out the whole ordeal and were patient while we made payments to them until we could file our Bankruptcy. No one wants to file but there are circumstances in this economy that we have to do what ever it takes to keep your head above water. Thanks Tom for the indirect introduction to Mike and Gigi Wink. They were honest, upfront and extremely helpful when we need it the most. Thanks to Mike and Gigi for making an unhappy task easy and painless, your support was super.

By Tracy

Wink &Wink, PC is the firm I would recommend to anyone who is thinking about filing bankruptcy. The genuine care and concern Gailyn and Mike Wink gave me during my bankruptcy was exceptional. They allowed me to make payments until I could file and every step off the process was clearly explained. Their experience and professionalism and support helps you maintain your dignity and restore your sanity. Let them help you to!

By Deb

Dear everyone at Wink and Wink, especially Gigi: We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the help and guidance we received from you during this entire bankruptcy process. We received our written order yesterday from the Bankruptcy Court, and we now can breathe again! Gigi, from the very first meeting to the end, you always were there for us -- calming our many fears -- and supporting us each and every step of the way. We are happy to recommend Wink and Wink to anyone facing bankruptcy. Thanks, again!

    Highly Recommended
By Debi

Michael and Gailyn were great to work with. Very detailed with their questions and answers. Didn't like the aspects of filing for bankruptcy, but they helped us through it with our heads held high!

    Praise for Wink and Wink
By Sue

Would highly recommend Mike and Gailyn to anyone considering bankruptsy. They are great to work with and make a difficult process easier. Was very good at explaining things, taking us through all the steps. We felt his advice was very valuable to us and Gailyn made our court appearance easy and comfortable. We have complete confidence in them.

By Evelyn

Working with Michael Wink was very satisfying and well worth his fee. From the beginning he followed up with great communication, and thorough explanation of all the legal processes he would be handling for us. He was very accomodating with our work schedules and handled all our affairs in a very professional and courteous manner. If we were ever asked by anyone for a good attorney for financial issues, we would reccomend him without reservation.

By Chris

I have nothing but praise for Mike as he went well beyond my expectations. He looked at my case and guided me to best possible outcome. Filing for bankruptcy can be a daunting proposition, but Mike was able to break down the process into clear, concise steps and always communicated what had happened, what was currently happening, and what was to come. I also felt he took a personal interest by exploring different possible ways to handle my case and seemed to genuinely want the best outcome for me. He was always accessible and was quick to respond to phone calls and emails personally. I definitely recommend Mike Wink for bankruptcy representation.

By F.E.

When I hear someone is thinking about filing bankruptcy, my first reaction is usually to pass on the contact information for Michael and Gailyn Wink. I was (like many people) struggling every month to keep my head above water and completely drowning in a house with an ever-increasing mortgage. I had a great deal of resistance to filing for bankruptcy because of my own fears and anxieties, as well as the normal stigma that is associated with. After my first meeting with Michael, most of those fears were gone. He put me at ease immediately, explained all of my options and really made me feel like I would have someone to guide me through this daunting process. Even when a complication arose in my case, Michael and Gailyn were there every step of the way giving me honest answers while calming my panic. I was so glad to have Gailyn there with me in court, I felt prepared and her calm and humor helped make the situation seem more manageable. I can’ t imagine going through all of that with other lawyers that I had met and feeling as cared for as I did with the refreshing team at Wink and Wink. Thank you doesn’ t quite seem like enough for the new life and fresh start that I now have thanks to the help of Michael and Gailyn. They truly are people who care and are (above all else) in the business of helping people. I trust them implicitly and would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering bankruptcy. My only regret is that I didn’ t call them sooner.

By Ron & Roz,

Awesome! You guys are wonderful. Thank you so much.

By Heather,

I got to place where my financial life was unbearable and too complicated for me to handle. I went to school, could not find a job in my field of study and found no where to turn. Although my case was complicated Wink and Wink helped me get back on the right track. They are wonderful professional people. I can’t thank them enough.

By Phil and Emmie

You guys did a great job, and I’m very grateful to you both for the advice and work getting this done. If there’s ever a need to recommend a firm such as yours to anyone, you can be sure I’ll do it.

By George and Theresa,

My wife and I needed help very badly. We were in deep debt and in danger of losing our home. My income had suffered greatly over the past ten years, and while I had hoped it would return, it did not, and the debt mounted. Luckily we met Mike and Gigi Wink. It’s a husband and wife law practice that took us through the intricacies of claiming bankruptcy. And while my wife and I were disturbed about discharging the debt we truly owed, it was the only plan that allowed us to continue on in our life without severe interruption. Mike and Gigi are warm and compassionate people, something you really need in a situation like this. In addition, they are very capable and thorough, which is what you need for a bankruptcy. And although it took some time and hard work on my part, and certainly on theirs, we got it done! Our life is back in order, and greatly in part to Mike and Gigi! It suffices to say: “We couldn’t have done it without them”! Thanks Mike and Gigi, you both ROCK!

By Rich and wife,

I’m glad we worked together. Life is significantly less stressful.

    Great Service
By Anthony Turyn

Very professional and keeps the client informed throughout the process.

    Great Attorney
By Beverley DeCoteau

Mike Wink made my bankruptcy process very easy, I was not sure what I was going to do he explained in a very clear way what each type of bankruptcy was. My filing was taken care of and over with in a very short period. His staff was very helpful and polite with any questions I had. I would recommend them to anyone who is confused or the thought of bankruptcy frightens them.

    Mike is cutting edge.
By Erick Slade

Bottom line is I thank you, my wife thanks you - your wife - your team, and your specific communication talents and candor at Wink & Wink saved us. Mike saved us our home, we now have a savings plan (we are contributing 5%-10% of our income monthly towards each of our 401K retirement -- that was impossible before meeting with Mike Wink), our direct monthly out of pocket costs have dropped significantly, we were able to get the second mortgage removed (so we will likely a ton of have equity in 5 years - hopefully if the market continues on it's current path). So professional and truly effective & empathetic. I can’t say more than Thank You!

    Excellent Service
By Karla Paquette

Bankruptcy is a very humbling thing to have to go through. Wink and Wink made it easier and less stressful.

    Virginia from Chapter 13
By client

Thank you for everything. We have recommended you to several people already…You two are great people.

    Excellent service.
By Joseph S

Tom. I heard on your radio program last year about Wink and Wink bankruptcy lawyers and I made a mental note. This year I needed some bankruptcy advice and contacted Mike Wink. What a service they provided. They gave me a free appointment and after talking to Mike about filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy and what was required, I opted to go the route and file. He (and his wife Gigi) went through all I had to do and what it amounted to and they processed the paperwork to the bankruputcy court and I was approved for the de

    Chapter 13 clients
By Bruce and Sheila

We want to thank you for all your work on our behalf. We were always treated professionally from our first meeting. You and your staff were always available and answered any question me might have. Your team was always friendly and helpful. You have a great crew! We will highly recommend you and your firm every chance we get. Thank you for all of your help, we very much appreciate it.

    Chapter 13 client
By Stuart

If you are reading this, then it’s likely that life is not going so well for you. Financial problems can affect anyone at almost any point in life, and they can make you feel like your whole life is going down the toilet. There can be no way to simply pay yourself out of a hole. It happened to me when I became too sick to work. That’s where Mike Wink enters the picture. With Mike’s expert attention to all aspects of your case, even a complex one such as mine, he will start to put together a plan for getting your life going again. It can happen for you. Thank you, Wink & Wink!

    Chapter 13 client
By Joe B.

You, your wife and the personnel deserve a great one as you all have been patient and detailed. Thanks again Mike.

    Best bankrupcy attorneys
By Dora

Mike and Gigi were wonderful, easy to work with and made my bankruptcy smooth and hassle free. I recommend them to anyone.

    Chapter 13 client
By Denise

I was very relieved to become acquainted with Wink & Wink, PC. during this difficult time. Bankruptcy is a very unknown processes, every situation so unique. Michael handled my case with patience, knowledge and very thoroughly to completion. I felt at ease knowing I could reach out at any time to him since I was provided with his mobile number!

    Excellent service
By Bruce

We went through Wink & Wink for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. They treated us with respect at all times. Mike and Jonathan did an excellent job. They were always available, always ready to answer any questions we might have. I would highly recommend Wink & Wink, they get the job done, very professional and never judgmental.

    Now Stress Free
By Harry

I never thought I would file for bankruptcy but when I knew I wasn't going to afford next months payments I had to do something. I went to a number of lawyers to "interview" them and while wink and wink is not the cheapest, they were bare far the most comfortable and I was extremely confident in their abilities. I will be discharged in 5 days and can't believe the difference Gigi and her staff has made to my life and the lives of my family. They make it painless, don't judge and keep harassing collectors at bay, if this is your only option, use Wink and Wink.

By Thomas R Peacock

Mike & Gigi Wink and their staff worked full-time to help get a Chapter 13 filing done for me at almost the last moment. They were able to save a car taken from me in repossession as well. Mike is very professional, thorough and understanding of one's circumstances. I highly recommend his firm.

    LE, Chapter 7
By client

Thank you both so much for handling all of my paperwork for this unfortunate bankruptcy. I appreciate all your hard work and efforts to help me!! You have both been so great and I just wanted to tell you “Thank You”.




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