With total accountability for your protection!

Tom Martino's Referral List is a form of paid advertising but unlike other forms of advertising, members of the Referral List must fully pass our strict background check and maintain our code of ethics. At the first sign of unresolved problems, members are removed during an investigation. If the member is vindicated, the business is returned to the list, if not, the business is removed. After removal, we cooperate with lawyers and/or authorities to fight for consumers and aid in any official prosecution if the former member has broken laws.

Members of Tom Martino's Referral List are charged fees commensurate to the feedback and complaints generated in their fields of endeavor. Since we handle any and all complaints about members, it stands to reason that those categories that generate the most work for us will be charged more than those that hardly ever generate feedback. By way of example (in an exaggerated manner), a man who makes men's belts would probably not generate any complaints compared to a used car dealer. Therefore, the belt maker would pay less to be on the Referral List than the used car dealer.

Current members pay anywhere from $1,200 annually for a very small business in a single category all the way up to $16,000 annually for large businesses covering many categories with several locations.