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For nearly 40-years Tom Martino has been exposing liars, cheats and ripoffs and recovering millions of dollars for consumers who have been jilted!  The action-packed “Troubleshooter Radio Show” is truly unique – one of a kind!

TomatMicEach weekday, Tom takes calls from dozens of consumers with problems, questions and complaints. As callers unfold details, Tom and his staff investigate their concerns live on the air!  It is truly “Reality Radio” at it’s best!  Tom has experts available on a moments notice to help out.  Lawyers, doctors, accountants, authorities and experts in virtually every field of endeavor come on the air to give their opinions and direction to the callers. Tom also gets the other party on the line — the one being complained about — to find out their side of the story.  There is nothing like it anywhere!

Problems range from retail purchases to complicated business deals … from neighborhood disputes to government abuse … from a painting contractor doing a messy job to a general contractor absconding with thousands of dollars … from telephone scams to traveling con-men … and much, much more.  Tom handles it all!

In some cases, Tom uncovers major corruption.  In other cases he discovers a simple breakdown in communications that can be fixed on the air.  Through his years of doing the radio show, Tom has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for consumers in cash, merchandise, exchanges, refunds and services!

The show originates in Denver, Colorado, on TalkRadio 630-KHOW (that’s 630 on the AM band), from 10am to 1pm (Mountain Time).  It can also be heard on various affiliates.


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