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centurylinklogoDo Century Link representatives intentionally lie to you when making their sales pitch?

We’ve heard many complaints on our radio show claiming they do lie!  But we never had any proof, that is, until Mike called in.  Listen here.

Sounds simple enough, right?  He was going to have a contract for $92.90 per month for the first two years for all three services.  But what really happened has no resemblance to their verbal promises.

Mike’s first bill came in at a whopping $191.07.  Instead of charging the promised $92.90, Mike was charged $113.41 (just for the internet & phone) PLUS  another $77.66 for DirectTV!

When Mike complained to us, we suggested that the additional charges may just be on the first bill due to activation or proration or something else.  But when he sent us his second bill it was $181.40 (only a $10 difference).

After that Mike was very upset and submitted a written complaint.  He wanted to know why he was promised a low price but the bills were much higher?  You won’t believe Century Link’s response!  THIS LETTER basically says he is stuck with the higher price, the higher price is correct and he is stuck in the contract!

I called Century Link personally on a three-way call with Mike and couldn’t believe me ears!  They actually could not honor that promised price.  With the help of Century Link and DirecTV we were able to reduce the total bill to $110 BUT that is only for the first year. After that his bill will almost double.

Is this bait & switch?  Is it by design?  Given the fact that we have heard this complaint over and over and over, we got think there is something terribly wrong at Century Link and perhaps a FTC investigation is warranted.




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