Unlike any other form of advertising, Tom Martino invites people to give live feedback about Referral List members live on his daily radio show!  What other radio or TV program will let you complain live – on the air?

We also accept emailed complaints about Referral List members.  We will investigate each and every complaint, including ripoffs.

In the past we have removed members for not  satisfying consumers to our satisfaction; we have taken legal action again some members who we believe committed fraud and in some cases we have gotten other members to help consumer who have been ripped off.

The point is, while we can not guarantee that you will never have problems using Referral List members,  we do more to help consumers than any other list or form of advertising!

The Referral List is the only list backed by a consumer advocate who has a 40-year track record of helping people recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, merchandise, exchanges, refunds and services!