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RoopRichard Roop still has an active website promising to make you money in real estate. What his website does NOT mention on his website are his numerous charges for real estate and securities fraud, nor does it mention his jail term for violating court orders.

This Woodland Park man and his company were ordered by Denver District Court to stop selling ownership interests in mortgages on distressed houses.  This comes after numerous allegations that he has bilked investors for more than than $1.6 million in what regulators say is a Ponzi scheme.

The Colorado Division of Securities sued Roop saying he violated state securities laws by selling unregistered investments without a state license.

The suit also alleges that Roop committed securities fraud for not disclosing he was unlicensed by the state and that he had been sued and that he used investor money to buy real estate for his own benefit.

The Securities Division revoked Roop’s securities license in 2012.

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