WHAT WOULD YOU DO? – Case of the Moron Tree-Trimmers

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UPDATE:  The guy promised to fix it.  He did not. Fence still broken and trash still there.  Green Tree Services: SUX.

Take a look at this! Now ask yourself: “What would I do?”

Dawna called my radio show with a big problem. Her neighbor hired “Green Tree Services” to cut down an old, giant tree in her backyard. It’s pretty obvious the tree trimmers did not know what they were doing!  As you can see, several feet of Dawna’s fence was destroyed and debris is piled up in her yard (Dawna’s yard is in the foreground). 

See that smaller Mountain Ash tree in Dawna’s yard?  That tree is also destroyed. One of the big sections of the neighbor’s tree gouged the trunk to where is will not recover, according to independent tree experts.

So far, Dawna is looking at thousands of dollars in repairs, which includes removing her Ash tree. Dawna tried to visit and call the neighbor several times, with no response. She also called Green Tree Services, again no response. Finally she called me for help.

We talked the neighbor’s daughter (who lives there), and she does not feel she or her mother (the owner – and an attorney) are responsible for the damage. They said they’re having trouble with the tree service, getting them to finish the job.

We then contacted Juan, owner of Green Tree Services, who admits doing the job and says he will take care of it. No details, no time table, just a promise.

So the question is: Will he take care of it?  I have my doubts.

Next question:  What would you do?

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